Cannot rename files with image downloader extension

  • I've tried two extensions for batch download of photos, "Image Downloader" and "Fatkun Batch Download Image". Both has a function for renaming files when downloading but i cannot get this working. The name of the files is always long and cryptic so I need to rename afterwards. Works on Chrome, so what could be the problem on Vivaldi?

  • @abjelke The problem is these extensions were written for chrome. Hard to tell what makes the difference in Vivaldi, I'd try to contact the extension author in your stead.

    Edit: btw, fun fact. I've written an extension which downloads a generated file, and I haven't been able to give the downloaded file a custom default name. Might not be related, but still interesting. There is the possibility that the chrome downloads api misbehaves on Vivaldi for whatever reason.


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