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    I have unchecked 'show typed history', but I still get a list of visited pages when I use my address bar. I already know what I'm trying to go to when I start typing in the addressbar.

    I really want to switch from Firefox to Vivaldi, but this is a deal breaker for me. I don't want the visual noise of all these suggestions from my history.

    I especially don't want it for privacy reasons. I have a job where people need to look over my shoulder sometimes, and I just don't want people seeing my browsing history when I start to type in a URL.

    Is there really no way to disable all dropdowns from the address bar? This is why I never adopted Chrome as a browser.

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  • @3x5 Does this help?
    Settings > Address bar > "Show Drop-Down when Typing": OFF

  • @nivve said in Disable all typed history:

    In Firefox this is easily accomplished by unchecking history in the privacy settings menu.



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