Disable typed history

  • Hello, I have a small question: how can I disable the typed history in the vivaldi address bar? I checked all the settings, but I didn't find anything (or did I overlook something?) Please help. Thanks in advance~ :)

  • Not sure if you can disable it, but you can delete it
    -> Clear browsing data

  • I figure out cleaning it all the time is really annoying over time. :ohmy:

    I wish we can have a way to simply disable it.

  • Me too….. :dry:

  • Hi, there is a setting in vivaldi://settings/addressbar/
    Uncheck adress completion. < Dunno if spelling is correct.

    Cheers, mib

  • already disabled for me and my history still stay

  • I have the same question. Disabling dropdown and disabling address autocomplete, there is still a down arrow to the right of the address window that you can click which has a stored list of typed history. How can we disable storing typed history?

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