Wacom Intuos Tablet - no responce

  • Hello, I have unchecked Hardware acceleration to use with Wacom Tablet, but it did not fix the issue and I cannot click on links on the pages and I cannot interact with scroll or tabs, it highlights it but not clicking.
    Please fix this bug, I really want to use my Wacom Tablet with Vivaldi.

  • Search the forums for "Wacom". I remember one user actually found the exact problem. The problem is chrome discontinued support for npapi plugins. The wacom pen seems to need them though. Wacom's response is to use another browser. This isn't something Vivaldi can fix, and it doesn't work on any current chromium browser. So your only option is to not use the pen if you use Vivaldi on this device, or to do what Wacom suggests and use IE instead.

    E.g. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/YGtk9DhgTLk

  • Also, I'm amazed how many people use Wacom tablets. I've never heard of the company before.

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    Also, I'm amazed how many people use Wacom tablets. I've never heard of the company before.

    Really? Pretty sure we got our first one of their products in 1998.

  • I have a couple of their tablets that I really don't use any more. The tablet comes with both a pen (which is pressure-sensitive) and a mouse. In the control panel for the tablet you can set whether either device is absolute (the tablet matches the screen, so clicking the top-right corner of the tablet results in clicking the top-right corner of the screen) or relative (if you pick the device up and put it back down somewhere else the pointer doesn't jump to the new location) - by default the pen is absolute and the mouse is relative. You can also control what the various buttons do - the pen doesn't have a scroll wheel so in later models they have one on the tablet itself, but by default none of the pen buttons act like middle-click nor is the wheel on the tablet clickable. Obviously you could map one of the pen buttons to a middle-click, but as there are only 2 buttons (actually a rocker, but the computer sees it as two buttons) that would mean leaving the pen itself to do left-clicks and double-clicks, and double-clicks with a pen aren't very good.

    Any of those wireless pressure-sensitive pens (including on phones and tablets) will say in the fine print that they use Wacom technology; the one on my latest "2-in-1" does as well.

  • Hello smbv

    I have same problem since Vivaldi version 1.10, and also in Chrome or Opera browser, so I still using latest Vivaldi version 1.9 (1.9.818.50) - here works everything fine.

    But now, I have tried to find way how to avoid this bug and when I unchecked "Use Windows Ink" in Wacom Tablet Properties, now looks it works properly also in Vivaldi 1.10 and newer (right now in Vivaldi 1.13.966.3).

    So try this:

    1. Add Vivaldi profile in Wacom Tablet Properties
    2. Uncheck "Use Windows Ink"
    3. Leave me reply if it work please, I am just curious.

    0_1506072528426_Wacom Vivaldi issue.jpg


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