Link are not detected as links

  • Does anyone noticed that link are often not detected as links so when you hover over them mouse does not transform to "pointer"? Try this page, after it loads hover over the links, and if work fine just reload the page and try hover over links again to see what I'm talking about

    Grid by example

    If it does not work then if you click on empty space anywhere on that page and after that hover over links it will transform mouse to "pointer".

    If you again reload the page and hover over links it will not detect them as links.

    This is happening on many web sites.

    So if you want it to work properly you often first need to click on empty space on web pages.

  • Can't replicate this. Links on this website function normally, and the mouse pointer displays correctly, no matter how often I reload. Have you tried with other chromium browsers?

  • That site works fine for me (i'm on latest Vivaldi rel. and Win 7 - 32bit) but, very few times happens to me also. I didn't post yet any thread about it because i just wanna understand better what's goin on. Also, i got a Windows/Linux parted pc desktop, so, i would check both.
    The last time happens to me, i remember that (to bypass the stalemate) i copy and paste the link of website and open it in another new tab. Well, the page wasn't able to load, and i think the problem it was that.
    This for means that, maybe, it's not a specific website issue but could be generally in Vivaldi, or Internet connection related.
    I'll take a look in the next days...

  • Moderator

    I am seeing this bug happening. Maybe it's related to reloading the page using a mouse gesture if you do the gesture too close to a link?

  • I see too that many times the mouse cursor is not changing correctly after performing a history back mouse gesture.
    For example open a site from speeddial, if the mouse is currently on a line of text and the cursor is a caret (instead of the arrow), right click+mouse left to go back to speeddial, the mouse pointer remains a caret whatever speedial icon I point to, until I move the mouse over the address bar and then back to the speeddial, at that point Vivaldi remembers to change the mouse pointer correctly, depending on the area it points to.

  • @luetage, the same page works just fine in Chrome, or Firefox. And I have the same "non-url-detected" behaviour in Vivaldi at my wok as at my home (Windows 8 and Windows 10, latest stable Vivaldi 32-bit).

    @LonM, it happens even if I reload the page with Reload button or with F5, as when I use mouse gesture. So it happens no matter how I reload the page.

    @iAN, interesting, I didn't noticed that, but you are right, I can often reproduce the same thing (not every time).


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