Importing chrome bookmarks

  • I just updated to 1.11 and tried to import chrome bookmarks but it did not work.

    I went to file - import bookmarks and settings and followed instructions give permission to access chrome settings. When I clicked on Import nothing happened.

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    @BartinVA Don't know why this happened, but just export the Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file, and import that file.

  • @Ayespy

    I tried that without success. The old ones are still there. I went to chrome and exported HTML to my desktop. Then I went to Vivaldi File import bookmarks and settings and then chose chrome and html. Under find file I went to the html file on my desktop and clicked on Open and Import. It showed no activity except for an OK in green. But the old bookmarks were still there.

  • @BartinVA If you got a html file on your desktop, you need to choose "Bookmarks HTML file" in the import dialog. And yeah, your "old" bookmarks will still be on Vivaldi, the new ones will be in a folder on the bottom of your bookmarks page/panel and named "Imported".

  • @luetage You are right, but what do I do with that Imported folder?

  • @BartinVA It contains your imported bookmarks, if you don't know what to do with these bookmarks, why did you seek to import them in the first place?

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    @BartinVA Import does not REPLACE existing bookmarks. It adds bookmarks from the other source. Then you organize these as you wish.

  • @luetage Please excuse me my ignorance, but how do I overlay my old bookmarks in my bookmarks bar with the folder called Imported which has a folder called bookmarks bar?

  • @BartinVA If you want all your bookmarks but the imported ones gone:

    • Select all folders but the imported one, right click and delete.
    • Open the imported folder, select all folders/bookmarks inside and moved them outside this folder into the root directory.
    • Drag and drop/delete/rename/create folders and bookmarks until you have a setup you are satisfied with.
    • Right click the folder you want to set as bookmarks bar, and click "set as bookmarks bar folder". In the same way another folder could be declared as speed dial folder.
    • When you are done with your setup, empty trash and export bookmarks to html to save them.

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    @BartinVA You don't overlay. You replace. Delete the ones you don't want, or go into the Bookmarks Panel and unassign that folder (and if you want, re-name it) from being used as your bookmarks bar folder, and then go to the folder you DO want to show on your bookmarks bar, right-click it, and select "Set as Bookmarks Bar Folder." You may do this with any bookmark folder you have. Any one can be set to display on the bar.

  • @Ayespy

    Thanks very much! That did it.


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