Why the new Vivaldi icon? Here's why.

  • Releasing Vivaldi 1.11, we’ve updated the first thing you see when you start up your favorite browser – the application icon. Read on to find out why we changed it and how we got there.

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  • When we first received the squircle, i was ambivalent. Since then i have grown to actively enjoy it. Indeed now when i see the older icon, i find myself recoiling a little bit & thinking "oh, that's kinda stale & old fashioned... actually staid even". The squrcle, to me, feels fresh, vibrant, fun & quirky... & i happen to like quirky things! Well done all.

  • Looks nice.

  • The new icon looks good. I'm also curious about the upcoming visual overhaul. Hopefully, panels in full-screen will be supported. Maybe even dual-panels.

  • No! Rounded corners? More simple? Frendlier? No offences, but it looks like crap and the "old one" looks way better, it tells you:"Hey there, I'm cool, open me, we can spent some time surfing the web" and the new one tells you like:"Oh hi...I'm looking like everyone else, I'm rounded and dumb as they are hahaha, you can uninstall me, but who cares right haha?"
    No kidding, the old one was cool, and this "windows" doesn't allow you to change icon everywhere so... well, I hope it's not the end.
    Best regards.

  • The discarded ones look really really bad. I get a feeling you've chosen this specific selection on purpose ^^

  • Love it. By the way - on MacOS the Icon in "Apple" --> "Used Objects" I have a white V on red rounded background, something in between old and new Icon. Is this intended?

  • This new icon is much better, than the old one. It's clean, but not too simple.

  • Thanks - the old logo always looked blurry and imprecise to me.

  • Why is the menu icon different from the one that is shown in the task bar?

  • I like the browser. I like how your company grows and develops. I do not like the new icon. The old one was better. But the company has the owner and this is his decision. It's useless to argue. The main thing now is that the email client will be released as soon as possible, right? ☺

  • Old was so much better that I have replace new one away on my computers. I just hate that new icon. It awful.

    But I love Vivaldi itself.

  • I can't help finding great humor in the variety and intensity of human reactions to a simple icon. Plus it goes a long way to illuminating the variety and intensity of user reactions in the forums and blog comments about the various evolutions in Vivaldi's feature-set and functionality. As users, we sure seem to be an opinionated and contentious lot at times... 😃

  • For what I care V icon could be simply a V tick sign, I care of the quality of the browser.
    alt text

  • More important are some Icons for the speeddial folders.

  • I prefer the old icon. Not sure why - I was used to it, I don't like change for the sake of change, the old one just a cleaner look to it.

  • Well put me down in the "no" camp, sorry.

    As I said on the 1.11 release blog, I find the new version more cluttered and looks much less clean than the old one.

    I'm still waiting for a poll where we can measure the community reaction... 🙂

    Edit: also, no one else mentioned it yet, but for me the angles of the V combined with the non-parallel curves of the squircle actually result in a nauseating optical illusion... I don't see a circle - it looks fatter at the bottom than at the top and slightly off-centre... And that makes the square look not-square and off-centre as well. It's quite unpleasant for me!

    Edit again: also the smaller rendering of the stylised V is less well defined since you're trying to get too much detail into not many pixels. This is especially noticeable on my home desktop monitor and laptop screen which are both scaled since they're less than 1920*1080. The old icon looked fine though.

  • I like the new icon 🙂

  • I think having to somehow justify design choices to the community doesn't seem right the icon blends better with webpage color changes and custom themes which especially shows on Redmond and plain white themes plus i am sure the icon will flow of the much larger overhaul and really as long as everything is functional beauty is in the eye of the beholder besides art is subjective i place media fixes and stability and new features over design of one little icon 🙂

  • i know the black squircle, for beta snapshot, the red for final version, but the green one for what?


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