extension buttons in title bar unusable after latest update

  • Today my machine crashed and upon reboot, I got a popup to upgrade Vivaldi. Not sure how long the update had been around - I just know I downloaded it today and it is presumably <1 week old since that's how long ago I switched to Vivaldi :)

    There used to be an icon for extensions in the title bar - in my case I only use one, 1password. There was a little lock icon (1password's logo) I could click to autopopulate logins.

    Now there is instead a "..." (in vertical mode) icon. Clicking it does make a "button pressed" animation - but nothing else happens - I can neither select an extension to use nor does it "activate" the existing extension. Screenshot shows where the icon disappeared from and what it was replaced with:


    Is this a bug? A new feature I don't understand?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • here is normal for me. i use two extensions and when i press that option the two extensions appears. did you tried to remove and re-install your extension? it could work!

  • I disabled and re-enabled, no change. How do you remove an extension?

    Additional info: I use Vivaldi in full-screen mode and that is RIGHT at the left edge of the screen.

    Additional additional info: after one more restart it started working well (list of logos shows up next to that button after clicking)


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