Can we disable automatic extensions update?

  • I explain why.

    I use SimpleExtManager.
    It worked fine for a lot of time, then the latest update broke it in vivaldi.

    So, 1.4.4 version auto-updated from chrome store don't work anymore (broken popup)

    Version taken from opera addons - simply a nex file renamed crx - works fine.

    If a sort of version rollback or archive exist for chrome extensions, please let me know.

    I suspect some extensions in past was borked due these auto updates.

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    Perhaps by editing the update URL in extension's manifest.

    Open Extension manager
    Activate Developer mode (on top)
    For all extensions do:
    Note the ID of the extensions
    Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions in Explorer
    Search for the folder with that noted IDs
    Edit manifest.json in Notepad
    Change current updater URL

    "update_url": ".....",


    "update_url": "",

    Save manifest.json

  • @Gwen-Dragon I'll do that way in future.

    Now I removed the don't working extension from chrome store (1.4.4) and using a .nex>.crx converted (

    Sadly, I didn't find a github of this - but probably even the extension folder can be loaded as dev extension.

    This is the main reason I really hope to see a vivaldi store with best .crx packed extensions version and a rollback function. Last is not always the best, but BigG e MS tend to forget this :3

    And this, will also reduce the time spent in fixing/workarounding extensions made with only chrome in the head.
    Or even worse, tested only in chrome but still autoupdated, causing issues/hangs/slowdowns in other chromiums.

    There isn't a policy/a flag/a registry to unallow all extensions to be autoupdated? 😞

  • Just load them unpacked if you really have problems.


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