Cookies: allow cookie but not as 3rd-party one

  • Hello, I know: cookies again...

    I blocked all cookies, switched on blocking third-parties cookies and allow cookies by the whitelist.

    So I allowed cookies of domain when I use the site on that domain. But I do not want let other websites use cookies from that site if they embedded snippets, widgets etc. from, hence I blocked third-parties cookies. But Vivaldi uses cookies of, regardless of the requesting domain.

    I know that allowing cookies from a third-party domain can be desired to use the site, e.g. the site embeds a discussion forum from another application provider and using that forum in the website is desired.

    So I wish cookies can be managed something like "allow that cookie, do not allow third-parties cookies, but allow that cookie if it is requested from website, fghi.jk and lmno.pq" etc.

    Thank you in advance.

  • You can allow third-party cookies on certain websites, but if I understand you correctly you want to allow a specific cookie to be available on specific third party sites?

  • Well, I did not have specific cookies in mind. Just "I allow website E to set a cookie or all its cookies when requested by website B which I am visiting."

    Where in the Vivaldi cookie settings can I allow and block certain third-party cookies? And block or allow them as first-party cookies?

    Example: I allow to set cookies hence I can use facebook. And I do not want other websites, which embeds cookie-requesting widgets of facebook, to set cookies of facebook. How can I control that in Vivaldi?

  • @Maste Try this: vivaldi://chrome/settings/

    edit: direct link -- vivaldi://chrome/settings/contentExceptions#cookies

  • I know that settings section, of course. There I set [*.] to allow to set cookies.

    And I activated to block third-party cookies. So what I want is:

    • "I am on => Vivaldi sets facebook cookies => ok".
    • "I am on another website => that website contains a widget which requests facebook cookies => Vivaldi does not set these cookies since they are third-party cookies"

    But Vivaldi sets the facebook cookies as third-party cookies, too. Once allowed => allowed everywhere. That is NOT what I want.

    So can I control the cookie settings to let Vivaldi set allowed cookies only of the first-party website? If yes: how? If no: that is my feature request.

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