Its time for a built-in turbo parallel download manager in Vivaldi

  • Vivaldi desperately needs to add a proper downloading manager into this browser to truly make this a hardcore browser. The only browser with such a capability is 'Slimjet' by Flashpeak which has what is called a turbocharged download manager which can be used separately or as default, we need default or both options. This for me is even more of a must on Linux as some stream ripping files don't want to download in Linux download managers like Uget etc but they work fine in the browser. For now I'm having to use Slimjet for my video file downloading so I can get these larger files with speed etc and only this slimjet browser can achieve this. I'm not keen on the GUI of Slimjet its too Chrome looking for me and I prefer Vivaldi on Linux especially its standard window decoration opening full screen unlike other browsers in linux.

    Please add a real download manager to really improve this browser experience.

  • Moderator

    There are already several requests for a download manager.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread.

  • Its not just about a pause, resume we want properly turbo downloading as browser downing is like a snail. I don't know about Vivaldi but I've found with Opera the downloading in the browser can be unreliable and finish before its due but claim the full file is downloaded. I used Free Download Manager when I was on Windows to get around this unreliability problem with Opera. On Linux right now I utilize Slimjet for the downloading of large video files. One of the things that annoys me with Vivaldi's download area is the late of bandwidth data so now signs of speed transfer.


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