Feature requests for 1.11

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    Following 1.9 / 1.10 thread here is the one for 1.11.
    Of course previous requests are still being looked as well. 😉

    Please vote for your favorite feature request:
    Vote for your favorite feature

    Therefore post only one request per reply so that people can easily vote for your favorite feature. 🙂

    In case you request a feature that has been already implemented in Vivaldi, it will be moved to this topic so that it helps us to keep focused on the new request.

    Thank you for your understanding, it will help everyone out to go through them more easily.

  • Auto-hide panels in Vivaldi option

    Would be cool for the panels to show up when my mouse goes over it and auto-hides when I move my mouse away from it.


  • Web Panel item improvements, viz: Easy rearranging all user-created panel items by drag & drop, also with ability to edit the web addresses rather than having to delete the panel & try again.

  • True alphabetical sorting of bookmarks and ability to sort on a per folder basis. Currently you can only display them sorted, but not actually sort them.

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    Prevent media (audio/video) from auto-playing as a website permission

    It could be achieved by blocking all flash content (already possible) and preventing HTML5 audio & video from launching without user's action (click-to-play).

    With such feature, we would be able to blacklist/whitelist websites for playing media, just like we could do it with Notifications, Popups, Plugins, Location, Camera & other website permissions.

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    Easy export/import/backup of user data

    A new option to easily backup or move user data to another instance of Vivaldi. This should include settings (site settings, search engines, passwords etc.), bookmarks, notes, extensions data, and history. It would be great to be able to import/export/backup only some parts of the user's data (for example only the search engines). Currently, it's possible to do some parts of that manually, but it's a bit complicated.

  • Hello,
    i really like Vivaldi option to apply particular styles on each page.
    However I would like those to be better managed: for example it would be great to have them applied automatically on behalf of the page address/domain or even more simple to have them applied automatically to all the child pages opened from the current one.
    I mean, if I have a B&W style applied on this page and I click on a link and that opens in a child window, that window should have B&W style applied automatically without me to constantly go and apply it for each page I open from here.

    Thanks in advance


  • Add really private window. Under 'Open private window' add menu position 'Open extra private window' (or different name you find suitable) - it will open completly clean private window - without history and search suggestions. So when somebody asks me to check something on the net I can open him this extra private window without all my data. Currently private window has access to all my history, passwords etc.

  • Please make password manager like in the old Opera. With separate button and shortcut for filling passwords. Managing multiple accounts was much easier. And login wasn't visible to everyone.

  • Add option to set a static grid on SpeedDial (n x m, ie. 5 x 9) and put thumbnails anywhere on this SpeedDial grid (with unused cells invisible). It will work very well with custom backgrounds (you could remove thumnails covering important parts of the picture). Currently you can only place thumbnails in linear fashion and they change their position when you change size of the window or open side panel (what’s the point of SpeedDial tiles when they change their position on the grid when you change window size and you have to search through them?).

  • Add warning when closing Vivaldi when file is downloading.

  • Download folder should be chosen from list of folders on your PC - you should not expect people to type it down manually. Especially that it's not working. I wanted to save to desktop, I wrote path to desktop but files are not appearing on desktop. Instead a second desktop folder is created in my user profile and files are saved there.

  • When starting download option 'open' should be renamed to 'save and open' - because it's saving the file to download folder and opening it, not to some temp folder where it gets deleted after viewing.

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    Windows Panel

  • Official method to store custom modifications in browser. It would be sweet if they could survive updates. And a switch to toggle them? 😉

  • Add option in context menu to open tab in different browser (i.e. Edge). Because Vivaldi still has some serious problems with some websites - that way people can still use Vivaldi as everyday browser and switch to other browser only when they encounter problematic website.

  • Option to only show notification on failed download.

  • Add option to search for two different phrases on one page (higlighted with two different colors).
    Or allow regular expressions.

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    Collapse/Expand Bookmark Tree with FlipBack/FlipForward

    Edited: because Links Panel is requested again below.

  • Add option in settings to disable autofill in text boxes on pages.

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