1.11.901.3 brings unclickable/undismissable location prompt to Momentum home page

  • After updating to 1.11.901.3, anytime I open new tab (new tab defaulting to my homepage and my homepage being managed by the Momentum extension, I am presented with the following dialog:

    0_1499761410112_Snímek obrazovky 2017-07-11 v 10.22.15.png

    Unfortunately, neither clicking Povolit (Allow) or Odepřít (Don't allow) does anything, the dialog does not get dismissed, my choice is not accepted nor remembered. Selecting the appropriate button with the Tab key and pressing it with spacebar or the Enter key also doesn't help, there isn't a way to get rid of the prompt to the best of my knowledge.

    Furthermore, unless I press Cmd-L to access the location bar, I can't even type the address or search query. If I click the URL input field, the focus goes immediately to the location prompt again, preventing me from typing anything.

    Thank you for your time reading through this report!

  • You could try and block this extension from accessing your location altogether.

  • Technically, I just noticed Momentum should actually already have the permission it now keeps bugging me about; at any rate, I don't think the prompt should even appear because if I go to vivaldi://extensions and click on Permissions for Momentum, I see that “Momentum currently can: - Access my physical location” (translating from Czech so the actual English text might differ slightly).

  • I am experiencing this same issue just using youtube.


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