Multiple credentials, one per base URI on a single domain ... is it possible?

  • I have the following issue with Vivaldi, which Opera's Wand (12.x and lower) never had any issues with. With a single domain where multiple base URIs with different accounts (sets of credentials) exist; but just one set of credentials per base URI I want to get the correct credentials filled in by Vivaldi when I visit the particular base URL. Vivaldi doesn't do it and generally no browser built-in password manager these days seems to do it (here's the respective ticket for Firefox:

    What I mean is:

    https://www.domain.tld/webapp1/ -> user foobar
    https://www.domain.tld/webapp2/ -> user johndoe
    https://www.domain.tld/blog/ -> user janedoe
    https://www.domain.tld/wiki/ -> user foobarbaz

    What I would expect of any sensible implementation of a browser built-in password manager is to save the base URI such as /blog/ and /wiki/ and so on and associate the saved credentials with that, unless of course there's just a single set of credentials anyway, so it's alright to assume (until further notice from the user, i.e. saving a new set of credentials on a different base URI) that it can be filled in everywhere.

    Is there a setting allowing me to do that? I tried to look for such a setting, but came up empty-handed.

    In fact when I look at the passwords using vivaldi://settings/passwords the domain.tld as many times as I saved credentials for that domain and the details show the full base URL, yet the decision as to which credentials to fill in seems to be based solely on the domain name alone.

    This is totally weird and impractical but since browser engines seem to die off (Presto) and get replaced by "mainstream ones" (is there another one besides Edge, Chromium and Blink these days?), I guess I need to put up with a less useful implementation than what I was used to for years with the Good Old Opera (12.x and below).

    I still can't fathom how the proposed approach from the linked FF ticket "would break password manager on many sites", because all the proposal says is that if more than one set of credentials gets saved for a single domain, use the base URI ("path") as additional clue when deciding which one to fill in. So it would not break the password manager for any existing use cases where a single set of credentials is already being used, but it would enable users to store more than a single set of credentials for multiple services on the same domain.

    From what I can see the password manager in Vivaldi, undoubtedly inherited from the Chromium code base (but I trust Google much less than the makers of Vivaldi, so I won't check my assumption by installing Chrome), does store the base URI, so I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible to simply fill in the correct credentials based on the URI, provided that multiple credentials have been saved for the domain, but only a single set of credentials per base URI.

    When did "we" actually start to create a measly individual subdomain for every single web app? It almost seems as if URIs are only used for REST and stuff, but no longer for the purpose they were initially invented/intended for. Because that seems to be the rationale behind this impractical behavior. And comment #26 in the above FF ticket really brings home the argument for me.

  • I should add that if multiple sets of credentials get associated to a single base URI (e.g. because your are the admin on your /forum but also manage some guest account by logging into it), the behavior should probably be similar to that of the Wand feature from old Opera. I.e. it should simply offer me a selection of saved usernames ... (problem is that with the current auto-fill this is odd at best, it would be better to have that triggered by a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture, just like it used to be done with the Wand).

    I never understood how the "modern" auto-fill is superior to the Wand, since using the Wand didn't just fill the credentials (and allow me multiple sets per base URI), but in fact also submitted the form right away. Yet, with the auto-fill feature in the current Vivaldi (and Firefox) I still have to submit the form manually, despite the form fields being auto-filled.

    So, UX-wise the Wand is way superior to these "modern" implementations and frankly it was one of the features that did set Good Old Opera apart from the rest. I hope you consider this feature request (unless of course, there's a setting I missed), because it would add true value and be one of those features other browsers don't provide or simply suck at ...


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