Help! Previous tabs not loaded - lost 100 open tabs?

  • I closed Vivaldi last night with 100 open tabs representing a very large amount of current work/research. Restarted today and see a blank Start Page (which I never use - I set Vivaldi to open my homepage on startup) - and an empty tab list!

    Can I get my tabs back? I daren't do anything in Vivaldi until I know if I can or can't restore my last session. Any help is appreciated as this is quite a big shock.

  • @rf10 Oh, and to point out the obvious - yes, I always have "Load previous tabs on startup" turned on.

  • Look up your profile path here: vivaldi://about/
    In this folder is a file called last session. This is where your last session is stored, you should copy it to secure it. And then work from there.

    Relying solely on opening from last session is unwise, you should "save open tabs as session" from the Vivaldi menu from time to time.

  • @luetage I see the file 'Last Session' - how do I open it in Vivaldi? When I go to File/Open Saved Session it shows one old session I manually saved months ago (now irrelevant), but I don't see how to load the 'Last Session' file - there's no 'Browse To...' button or anything like that.

    To be clear, the Open Saved Session dialogue looks something like this:

    Open Session
    Name ............................................... Creation Date
    an_old_obsolete_session............Saturday December 10 2016

    [Open] ..... [Delete] ..... [Cancel]

  • You can open the last session file with a text editor and check out what happened to it, especially if your tabs are still saved in there. If so something probably happened to it, and you could try to repair it. If you somehow manage you could then close Vivaldi, replace the session file with your new version and then startup the browser with last session. But hard to tell, your session is probably lost.

    edit: how did you close Vivaldi btw? Did you quit it over the menu, or did you just close the window? What does your trash show, is there a window with 100+ tabs in it?

  • @luetage Thanks for the help. I've been looking at it but it's a 4MB binary file (why doesn't Vivaldi use text, JSON etc. for this?) and not navigable manually. I'm trying to find and copy URLs from it in any case - could take a long time.

    If anyone else has any idea how to make Vivaldi open a Last Session file I'd really appreciate it.

  • @rf10 Problem solved!

    Copy and rename the file 'Last Session' to somewhere else to protect it
    Close Vivaldi
    Copy the file into "C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Sessions"
    Add .bin extension: 'yesterdays_session.bin'
    Restart Vivaldi
    File / Open Saved Session...

    What a relief... Thanks again luetage

  • @rf10 One more thing on this - since the V1.10 upgrade Vivaldi doesn't restore the last session on startup (I have Startup with Last Session selected in Prefs) so will raise that in another thread.

  • I have the same problem, but I lost it few hours ago and started Vivaldi again, is there any way to recover missing tabs? I really lost a week of work just because Vivaldi faced a crash.

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    @rf10 That is a symptom of a corrupted profile. Refresh your profile and see if that helps.


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