Vivaldi video problems

  • Like some other users, I have various video problems too. Not sure when exactly this started. A couple of versions before something like 1.07-ish. Vivaldi doesn't support roll-back so can't re-test older versions. But it feels like at 1.10 it only got worse.
    Edit: Actually I tested on a clean 1.10 profile and the issues still occur.

    most noticeable problems are with these sites:
    (1), (2)

    1. sometimes black screen instead of video. switching stream quality back and forth usually makes it show normally. More nasty issue: videos stop playing at some point. Refreshing page or restarting browser usually does not help, but the place where video stops playing may change
    2. videos don't play showing message about flash backend not being found. which is strange because it uses html5 player to begin with. Refreshing webpages sometime helps. Restarting browser ushually helps but after some time of having browser on the problem re-appears.

    Possibly unrelated problem that appeared around the same time:
    Some images on, like avatars, stop showing up. Clearing cache and restarting fixes issue for some time.

  • @MeruP
    Does turning off hardware acceleration helps in your case?
    Go to: '''vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardw''' and turn off hardware acceleration afterwards restart vivaldi

  • It did not fix the issue with liveleak. Not sure about twitch as I can not produce the issue at will, I can only temporarily fix it by restarting browser. BTW sometimes it happens right away and requires 2 consecutive restarts. But this is rare.
    Also I am not looking for solution. I'm just reporting what looks like regression to me. I am using multiple browsers (none of them had similar issues) and if these issues will not go away in next update, I'll just stick to other browsers.

  • I have this exact problem, I was just about to post it on the forum but I've seen your thread.

    Video just stops at some random point and I've tried disabling all extensions, clearing cache, refreshing the page, loading the video in private window...nothing helped it always stops at that one random point.

    Sites on which I noticed this problem for now are:
    Twitch, Liveleak and Streamable and few more that I don't remember.

  • I have this problem in one site, if try change resolution, video player only say: "..."=caching video. But video is not play never. Old 1.9 version working normal

  • please everyone, report it using giving the urls of videos not working, as many as possible.
    at least we will get the problem investigated

  • iAN CooG, it happens with every single stream or video on the said websites. Also I just noticed that videos on Twitch (that are not realtime streams) behave exactly like videos on liveleak.

  • I know, but using the bugreport you'll let the devs know. They don't usually read the forum as they're busy fixing and updating vivaldi everyday.

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