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    The Acid3 Test was invented by Opera IIRC. Opera 12.17 still passes with 100, while Vivaldi and Opera 43 only score 99 (Firefox scores 98).

    I don't suppose there's much significance to this. Just curious as to why Vivaldi is worse than the ancient Opera 12.17 here?

  • If you look at the refercence page, the third rectangle from the left is yellow. On the page rendered by Vivaldi it's grey. That's the difference, but I don't know what's that really telling us.

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    @luetage It seems to be a grey area :)

    The Firefox test renders both the yellow and blue rectangles in grey.

    0_1497522863351_Firefox Rendering.png

  • My test.
    While I do make them, I don't need to post screenshots right?

    Vivaldi current (x64) Stable = 97/100
    Vivaldi current (x64) Snapshot = 99/100
    Opera (x64) 45.0.2552.898 (Chrome/58.0.3029.110) = 97/100
    Google Chrome Beta (x64) 60.0.3112.24 = 95/100
    Firefox (x64) = Same with @Pesala

  • I get :

    Chrome Canary 61.0.3131.0 (x64) = 97/100, two grey rectangles (#2,3)
    Chrome Stable 59.0.3071.86 (x64) = 99/100, one grey rectangle (#3)
    Vivaldi snapshot 1.10.867.34 (Chromium 59.0.3071.90) (x64) = same as Chrome 59
    Firefox Stable 54.0 (x64) = same as @Pesala, @dLeon
    Firefox Nightly 56.0a1 (2017-06-14) (x64) = same as Chrome 61
    MS Edge = 100/100, perfect render
    IE 11 = same as MS Edge (!)
    Opera 12.17 = same as MS Edge, IE

  • Chromium seem fluctuate between major versions.
    Without any meaning to raise flame war, MS browser engines actually better.

  • Uh, the acid test.

    Canary, Vivaldi stable and snapshot are 97/100; two gray blocks.
    (Stylus script for scrollbar caused garbled rendering :))

    Firefox x64 is 99/100, with one gray block.

    IE is 100/100 but still used for download vivaldi

  • it's different for everyone it seems, I get 99/100 and only the yellow box is grey instead.
    win7, 1.10 stable 32bit

  • @Hadden89
    If not test it with clean profile. At least disable your extensions.

    I test with clean profile. But for my case to get black & no color blocks, it's Violent Monkey or any scripts in it when I test with my usual profile.

  • @dLeon said in Acid3 Test:

    If not test it with clean profile. At least disable your extensions.

    In my case was a stylus script for dark scrollbar :D

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    If you have a look in Developer Tools' Console you will see that the Acid3 test server delivers some content badly.

  • Well, the failure on my PC (for Vivaldi snapshot) doesn't seem to be related to bad content loading :


    (to get the popup about test results, click around the top-left part where the mouse cursor becomes a help cursor (with a "?"))

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