Adding new keyboard shortcuts in the browser (open new tab AND GO to a certain address for example)

  • Any chance Vivaldi will add support for what was for me one of the defining features of Opera? (ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts)

    After using Opera for quite a few years, I switched to FireFox. Now I'm switching over FROM FireFox because it became too slow. I'm using Menu Wizard there to customize keyboard shortcuts. It's a very powerful extension. There's something kind of similar but much less powerful for Chrome, but it doesn't work anymore (Shortkeys).

  • vivaldi://settings/keyboard/
    Try this, custom keyboard shortcuts built in ;)

  • My question was incomplete, sorry for that. I meant opening a new tab AND making it go to a certain address. So defining NEW keyboard shortcuts. I don't seem to find a new to define NEW shortcuts.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    1st. suggestion:
    Make "Nickname" for your bookmark.

    I make "vf" for Vivaldi Forum.
    So I just do Ctrl+L ~> vf ~> Enter.

    2nd suggestion:
    Use Chrome extension Vim emulation, named a few;

    • Vimium.
    • Vimum ++.
    • cVim.
    • Vrome.
    • Surfingkeys.

    They all close to your former mentioned extension. From all of those, Vimium & Vimium++ I considered the easiest.
    What you want can be set in their config. The learning curve medium to advance.

    3rd. suggestion:
    I could guess you probably mean more shorter shortcut.
    Like setting Ctrl+V to immidietly go to Vivaldi Forum for example.
    There's 3rd party application, such AutoHotkey, for that.

    Request for internally applied in Vivaldi just find for me.

  • @dLeon Hey :). Thank you for the suggestion. The nickname solution isn't fast enough for me :). I am trying to add CTRL + SHIFT + I to open a website automatically for me. I am trying Vimium but the mapping I added doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I'm using the wrong syntax:

    map <a-I>

  • Vivaldi Translator

    You suppose to write it like this;
    map <a-l> createTab

    Alt+l, lower case L doesn't work. Probably conflict with something.
    So maybe;
    map <a-L> createTab
    Uppercase L (You'll need to use shift to run your "L").

  • It was i, upper case i. But I actually tried to use exactly your shortcut <a-L> and it doesn't seem to work. Does it work for you?

  • I thought I had posted it already, but I could not find it so I added it.

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Concatenate Commands

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It's work for me.
    I tried;

    map <a-k> createTab

    Vivaldi just instantly open new tab with that address.

    i, I, l, 0, O confusion, sorry lol.
    We should use that three backticks -fu to write code here.

  • @Pesala Thank you :). Hm. You have an avatar which somehow seems to stick in my visual memory. I might remember you from... 10 years ago when I was using Opera. Were you really active in the Opera community back then or am I mistaken? I seem to remember your name as well.

  • @dLeon Do I have to make any special changes in the keyboard shortcuts settings? For example enable single key shortcuts? Because it still doesn't work for me. I even restarted the browser. I used Vimium extension and I am rocking the latest version of Vivaldi.

  • CTRL + SHIFT + I is already associated by default to Developer tools, edit out that setting (keyboard/window) before assigning to something else

  • Well, CTRL + SHIFT + K doesn't work either :(

  • Vivaldi Translator

    You put it under "Custom key Mapping" box and not forgot to hit that "Save changes" button right?

    This's all my current config plus that stackoverflow sample, not much.

    #unmap <a-p>
    #map <a-P> togglePinTab
    unmap <a-m>
    #map <a-M> toggleMuteTab
    unmap [[
    map [ goPrevious
    unmap ]]
    map ] goNext
    map et LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewForegroundTab
    map ep LinkHints.activateModeToOpenIncognito
    map gx$ closeTabsOnRight
    map gx^ closeTabsOnLeft
    map gxa closeOtherTabs
    map <a-k> createTab

  • @Axonn I was active on My Opera for over a decade.

  • @Pesala nice that you moved here :).

    @dLeon aaaaaaaah! It works, but I was always testing it on "Start Page" which unfortunately doesn't work...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    That's explain.
    Start Page considered internal page I believe. As we know, no Chrome extensions work around there.

    But... as Vivaldi Start Page belong to Vivaldi only, probably the devs could do something about it. They fix un-reponsive mouse gesture to Start Page sometime ago.

  • Where can I request this feature? :D. Nevermind, Pesala already pointed me.

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