Adding new keyboard shortcuts in the browser (open new tab AND GO to a certain address for example)

  • Any chance Vivaldi will add support for what was for me one of the defining features of Opera? (ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts)

    After using Opera for quite a few years, I switched to FireFox. Now I'm switching over FROM FireFox because it became too slow. I'm using Menu Wizard there to customize keyboard shortcuts. It's a very powerful extension. There's something kind of similar but much less powerful for Chrome, but it doesn't work anymore (Shortkeys).

  • vivaldi://settings/keyboard/
    Try this, custom keyboard shortcuts built in 😉

  • My question was incomplete, sorry for that. I meant opening a new tab AND making it go to a certain address. So defining NEW keyboard shortcuts. I don't seem to find a new to define NEW shortcuts.

  • @Axonn
    1st. suggestion:
    Make "Nickname" for your bookmark.

    I make "vf" for Vivaldi Forum.
    So I just do Ctrl+L ~> vf ~> Enter.

    2nd suggestion:
    Use Chrome extension Vim emulation, named a few;

    • Vimium.
    • Vimum ++.
    • cVim.
    • Vrome.
    • Surfingkeys.

    They all close to your former mentioned extension. From all of those, Vimium & Vimium++ I considered the easiest.
    What you want can be set in their config. The learning curve medium to advance.

    3rd. suggestion:
    I could guess you probably mean more shorter shortcut.
    Like setting Ctrl+V to immidietly go to Vivaldi Forum for example.
    There's 3rd party application, such AutoHotkey, for that.

    Request for internally applied in Vivaldi just find for me.

  • @dLeon Hey :). Thank you for the suggestion. The nickname solution isn't fast enough for me :). I am trying to add CTRL + SHIFT + I to open a website automatically for me. I am trying Vimium but the mapping I added doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I'm using the wrong syntax:

    map <a-I>

  • @Axonn
    You suppose to write it like this;
    map <a-l> createTab

    Alt+l, lower case L doesn't work. Probably conflict with something.
    So maybe;
    map <a-L> createTab
    Uppercase L (You'll need to use shift to run your "L").

  • It was i, upper case i. But I actually tried to use exactly your shortcut <a-L> and it doesn't seem to work. Does it work for you?

  • Moderator

    I thought I had posted it already, but I could not find it so I added it.

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Concatenate Commands

  • @Axonn
    It's work for me.
    I tried;

    map <a-k> createTab

    Vivaldi just instantly open new tab with that address.

    i, I, l, 0, O confusion, sorry lol.
    We should use that three backticks -fu to write code here.

  • @Pesala Thank you :). Hm. You have an avatar which somehow seems to stick in my visual memory. I might remember you from... 10 years ago when I was using Opera. Were you really active in the Opera community back then or am I mistaken? I seem to remember your name as well.

  • @dLeon Do I have to make any special changes in the keyboard shortcuts settings? For example enable single key shortcuts? Because it still doesn't work for me. I even restarted the browser. I used Vimium extension and I am rocking the latest version of Vivaldi.

  • CTRL + SHIFT + I is already associated by default to Developer tools, edit out that setting (keyboard/window) before assigning to something else

  • Well, CTRL + SHIFT + K doesn't work either 😞

  • @Axonn
    You put it under "Custom key Mapping" box and not forgot to hit that "Save changes" button right?

    This's all my current config plus that stackoverflow sample, not much.

    #unmap <a-p>
    #map <a-P> togglePinTab
    unmap <a-m>
    #map <a-M> toggleMuteTab
    unmap [[
    map [ goPrevious
    unmap ]]
    map ] goNext
    map et LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewForegroundTab
    map ep LinkHints.activateModeToOpenIncognito
    map gx$ closeTabsOnRight
    map gx^ closeTabsOnLeft
    map gxa closeOtherTabs
    map <a-k> createTab

  • Moderator

    @Axonn I was active on My Opera for over a decade.

  • @Pesala nice that you moved here :).

    @dLeon aaaaaaaah! It works, but I was always testing it on "Start Page" which unfortunately doesn't work...

  • @Axonn
    That's explain.
    Start Page considered internal page I believe. As we know, no Chrome extensions work around there.

    But... as Vivaldi Start Page belong to Vivaldi only, probably the devs could do something about it. They fix un-reponsive mouse gesture to Start Page sometime ago.

  • Where can I request this feature? :D. Nevermind, Pesala already pointed me.


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