HELP, Bookmarks are all gone

  • All my bookmarks have disappeared, nothing anywhere. My history and panels, extensions are the same. Nothing else has changed that i can think of except my pinned tabs and recent tabs were also cleared

  • look in "%localappdata%\vivaldi\user data\default" if you have a Bookmarks.bak, there should be also the normal Bookmarks file. If you're lucky, just copy somewhere else Bookmarks.bak as a backup and copy it back as Bookmarks, restart vivaldi and cross fingers.

  • Look in your bookmarks trash, restart. If this doesn't help check your profile path (vivaldi://about/) for bookmarks.

    In the worst case scenario your profile is corrupted. Reset your profile after making a copy of your profile folder. Maybe you can copy over the old bookmarks file and it will work. In any case you should always backup your bookmarks to html for such an incident.

    Do you regularly make backups of your system? It could be that the Vivaldi version from yesterday (?) still works and has all the bookmarks -- then you could get your bookmarks from there.

  • @iAN-CooG There is no normal bookmarks file i could find in that folder just bookmarks.bak, I assume that i change it to no file extenstion

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    @Azenix First save a copy of it somewhere, and then delete the extension.

  • @Azenix it's enough, the bak is the previous version of your bookmarks before your last change in them.
    It's very strange that the bookmarks file got deleted btw

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    @iAN-CooG It's not "very" strange. It's extremely strange. Some external factor or VERY weird extension activity is at work here.

  • @Ayespy I got them all back, It probably had nothing to do with vivaldi, as I got a blue screen, as well as a error during boot. I Reformated my hard drive and it's good now.


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