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  • I am back trying Vivaldi, which I really want to like, as an online correspondent told me that it now works with the Chrome 1Password extension.
    I went to the chrome store, went through all the processes presented to me and Vivaldi said the extension was installed. As I use the 1Password betas, i clicked to install that. I now have 2 1Password icons in the bar, but neither of them does anything. If I close and reopen Vivaldi, I immediately get two alerts asking me to upgrade the extension; I do so and installation is confirmed, but the buttons still do nothing. This happens on every single opening of Vivaldi. Also my menu bar 1Password menu says "Browser could not be verified".
    What do I do? Without 1Password, Vivaldi is useless to me.

  • @xiamenese Try the stable version?

  • I've never used a beta version of 1Password but I suspect the problem might be, at least in part, related to a version mismatch between the 1PW app and the browser extension(s) in Vivaldi.

    What I would do is:

    • In Vivaldi, go to Tools->Extensions and remove both 1Password extensions
    • It may or may not help to quit/restart 1Password and 1Passoword Mini (the little app that sits in the menu bar of your Mac)
    • In the 1Password application, go to Preferences->Browsers and click on the Install Browser Extension button.
    • Then click on the green Install button on the web page that just opened in Vivaldi. This should give you the correct version of the browser extension for your 1PW beta app.

    If that does not work, maybe consider using the release/stable version of 1Password. I've used 1Password in Vivaldi for a year and a half now, and the only issue I've ever encountered was that, initially, you would have to turn off Verify browser signature in 1Password because Vivaldi was not officially supported yet.

  • @NSSynapse
    Thanks very much, going back to the stable versions of both the 1Password application and the extension seems to have done the trick.

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    This topic is closed at it's been resolved. In case you have troubles with 1password, please check out this more recent topic instead: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/18908/1password-browser-extension-no-longer-works
    Thanks 🙂


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