Lots of issues with 1.9.818.44

  • Using vivaldi x64 on both work computer (Win10, not yet on creators) and home (Win10, creators). Vivaldi updated at work to 1.9 few days ago and immediately run into problems (using vertical tabs, some 50+, no switch on scroll, just normal scrolling):

    • tab thumbnails don't show upon mouse over
    • active tab does not change when clicking, but the site itself changes (i.e. desync between activated tab and what is selected on the tab bar), sometimes fixed by switching to horizontal and back to vertical tabs, sometimes not
    • closing tab does not reflect the tab list, thus I pressed several times ctrl+w and closed lots of tabs before noticing what is going on
    • closing tab closes it, but screen stays the same, this is how I closed my full stack of facebook tabs while trying to close a picture I viewed in the chat that just sit there
    • 50% of the times I close vivalvi (via normal close button) I lose all opened tabs, they are not in the trash too, glad I had session saved, although it was a week old

    Suprised by the sheer amount of issues on a browser I considered stable I decided it is something on my end and when today 1.9 updated popped at computer at home I hesitated, but let it go. Absolutely the same issues repeated here. I just had to restore from session after tabs froze, closed and reopened the browser and it was brand "new". Going back to 1.8 and won't update for a while.

  • @Flex Hard to say, that's definitely not normal, and most users don't experience these problems, especially not on stable. Try and reset the browser when you are on 1.9 (backup your default folder in advance) and see if it helps.


    Most of the issues should disappear. Some of them could be dependent on your settings, but no way to check what you really have selected.

  • Thanks for the reset suggestion, but I've seen it too late, already uninstalled and installed 1.8.770.56x64 (that is for some reason missing from old versions on vivaldi's web so had to hunt it down). Then I run into another quite interesting issue that I def didn't have when I was on 1.8 hours ago: about 5 out of 50+ tabs could be opened, the rest were just blank and no amount of refresh could help. Funny enough - if I copy the address and open in a new tab - it opens perfectly, but original tab - nope. Restarted several times, looked for leftover processes to kill, cleared caches and application data and achieved nothing, then opened the forum again and decided to go back to 1.9 before doing profile reset.
    Lo and behold - 1.9 now works, and without actually resetting the profile. /pray it continues like that

  • Spoke too soon, few hours later, same issue happened. Another thing I noticed - when it does happen you can't really save session, the session file becomes corrupt and results in totally blank window (no menu/close button even) when trying to resume.
    I did a full reset and copied only passwords and session back. Let's see if I'm lucky enough or.. dunno.

  • @Flex Your session files could be corrupted. Try it out, but we only can be sure once you try for a while with a completely clean profile. If it is indeed a problem with your profile and you get the errors again, one of those 2 files is the culprit.

  • I have a feeling there is more to it. Sure, something can always corrupt, but given the circumstances... 2 totally different vivaldi instances, never anything copied to the other, one quite archaic, going back to 1.0, the other very recent, with mostly different tabs in them and barely any setting changed save for vertical tabs and theme, suddenly develop same corruption right after update to 1.9... it is too much of a coincidence. I suspect there is a lingering issue with 1.9, at least the x64 version of it, which is probably not all that popular or tested...

  • I have same issues that thread starter. When I upgraded from 1.8 version the browser went quite mad. It didn't start properly. Just white window. Problem is still present though I did clean Vivaldi install. After clean install I can restart browser though.

    I disabled all the extensions and clicked thru pinned and regular tabs. The tab row freezes after aprox. 20 clicks and no new tabs from + button. Session is saved.

    1.8 here I come.


    It seems that tab row freezes only when clicking pinned tabs. I use page tiling but but it wont affect the problem.

  • Try 32-bit version.

    I had crashes I wasn't expecting from a stable build.

    Vivaldi has not crashed since I moved to 1.8 32-bit version, same for 1.9.

  • @Flex said in Lots of issues with 1.9.818.44:


    • active tab does not change when clicking, but the site itself changes (i.e. desync between activated tab and what is selected on the tab bar), sometimes fixed by switching to horizontal and back to vertical tabs, sometimes not

    I've encountered same/similar issue today after using 1.9.818.44 (32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit SP1) for a couple of days.
    It seems to be site-specific - in my case the tabs desync happened for tabs with http://banki.ru/forum (when using search there) .
    It required several restarts of the browser to get rid of those zombie tabs: they weren't reacting on Ctrl+W... And at some step I got white screen when starting Vivaldi, so all my 100+ tabs are lost (I'm free at last! 😉
    Anyway here is a scenario to reproduce the problem:

    1. Go to forum (any forum there with a lot of messages will work, I guess)
    2. Click 'Поиск по теме', type any word in the appeared "edit box" (f.i., test) and hit ENTER.
    3. Switch to another tab while the search is in progress, and you got one zombie-tab.

    (!) Don't leave the zombie tab active when exiting Vivaldi (switch to another tab - refer to the window caption to discover which tab is active) - you will get a white window when starting the browser next time (delete "Current Session" to "fix" that - unfortunately you'll have all your tabs lost afterwards).

    This problem doesn't happen with 1.8.770.50 (32-bit).

  • Ha, glad I'm not the only one. I went beering, but now back, tho a bit dizzy (a lot actually) but decided to check on whats happening and immediately got the bug to appear. To do: in tab stack I have 2 tabs, having same forum opened. The link in question:
    Clicked on the picture in post #46169, the one with raven, pressed ctrl+w, done, zombie tabs, the rest work, but these are no longer accessible and are no longer accessible even after browser restart.

    1.9 is broken methinks... including clearing the profile having same issues...

  • Yep 1.9 had a problem with special encoded urls, it has been fixed the next day on the 1.10 snapshot, try that.

  • @iAN-CooG Seems that did it, thanks 😃
    This issue is totally worth 1.9 hotfix, I mean it is not a minor glitch, but a direct loss of data, something you probably put months in.

  • My Addon icons/shortcuts suddenly went missing after the new update. The extensions page still says they're enabled, but i have no icons in my bar anymore. I have tweaked many settings, so i'm not sure i want to reset my profile to test if that helps.

  • @Polymo Yes, had the same. Actually reinstalled extensions 3 times yesterday because of that bug, try 1.10 and pray that it is not happening again. For me it seems the issue is gone, but if it survives today without dying, then will be able to mark it as solved.

  • Tried the latest snapshot; sessions now restore correctly, but the icons are still missing which is bad, as im not sure how i'd configure uMatrix without the icon.

  • @Polymo Yeah you have to reinstall the extensions, they are already corrupted, but once you do it and stay on the snapshot you wont have more issues

  • Reinstalled them a few times now, with and without restarting vivaldi in between. They're still not back.

  • @Polymo Hmh... I guess the only thing you can do is manually clean them up... open vivaldi://about and then open the directory that is under profile path. Close the browser and remove all extension folders (move them somewhere else in case you need to restore), then start the browser, should have no extensions and can reload them.

  • Unfortunately, that didn't solve it, but thanks for your help.

  • @Flex said in Lots of issues with 1.9.818.44:

    active tab does not change when clicking, but the site itself changes (i.e. desync between activated tab and what is selected on the tab bar), sometimes fixed by switching to horizontal and back to vertical tabs, sometimes not

    Same issue here. When I use image search on google and opens many tabs, there will be zombie tabs after 5-6 opened tabs. I can't close them, I can't switch to other tabs but current tab is still working. (I use vertical tab ordering.)

    I can close these tabs after restart but if I switch to one of these, the problem arises again. (I even got blank white screen after a restart but I solved it.)

    I can't switch back to 1.8 because Vivaldi site doesn't have old version download function. It would be great to create page to download older versions.


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