Connection problems with Zonealarm

  • Can not connect to internet with Vivaldi. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and "everything" else works fine.

    • Have tried to set Vivaldi as trusted application in ZoneAlarm firewall with no success.

    • Have tried to delete Vivaldi in Zone alarm with no success.

    • Have tried to reinstall Vivaldi with no success.

    • Have tried to disable Zonealarm firewall without success.

    • The problem is the same when connected via WiFi / LAN / 4G Internet Sharing via Android mobile phone.

    Windows firewall is turned off. Uses AVG free without firewall activated, ZoneAlarm, Win7, PureVPN (same problem with/without PureVPN activated), Vivaldi version 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (32-bit). Any suggestions for how to solve this?

    • Tested in a "Private Window", still without any internet connection.

  • @Guest_MKII Just a shot into the blue - but what happens when you uninstall zonealarm? Please make sure that you backup your custom settings like whitelistings etc. before you try this.

    • Updated to "1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (32-bit)", still without any internet connection.

  • @zaibon I might try this later, but for now, I do not think that Zonealarm is the problem considering that everything else connects to internet without any problem, and since Vivaldi can not connect even when Zonealarm is disabled.

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    @Guest_MKII: The fact that everything else connects (if you're not behind proxy) is what tells you it probably is ZoneAlarm.

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    Oh yes, such "Security" software acts sometimes magivally and sometimes is only a placebo to calm down the users dear. YM2₡

    @Guest_MKII said in Connection problems with Zonealarm:

    (…) can not connect even when Zonealarm is disabled.

    You should not think, disabling Zonealarm means it is off.
    All Zonealarm network drivers are running and can produce problems and blockings.
    I had this many times in the past with some browsers and Windows versions.

    As Vivaldi runs on regular Windows Firewall there must be a problem with your Zonealarm. Sorry for you.


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