How do you deal with the lack of sync?

  • I have been using Vivaldi for quite a while now and loving the experience except for the headaches that come with a lack an integrated sync mechanism for bookmarks, notes, sessions, speed dial pages etc This has especially become a problem recently since I use two separate computers throughout the day every day.

    I am aware that there are various extensions that can deal with bookmarks but they are often times too limited in their free versions and in general I didn't have the best experiences with the ones I tried.

    I have been thinking of using a dedicated sync program that I would run and sync the user profile data after I am done using one of the computer. But how would you go about consolidating new notes/bookmarks created in one profile with notes/bookmarks created in the other profile so the end result would be a list of both? Afaik boomarks and I imagine notes as well are stored in single file inside the user "data/default" folder, so not sure how you would incrementally add only new bookmarks to that file.

    Anyone figured out a "workable" solution to this problem?

  • I guess if you just sync and replace the appropriate bookmarks, notes etc files with the newest version every time you switch from one computer to another that would work fine. The main issue is the very first time when you need to consolidate the data from both profiles into one.

  • My English is bad! I'm not going to make a comment to give you a choice on how to handle it!

    I'll share my thoughts, I think it's bad not to have a sync in Vivaldi, I need to keep backing up the favorites, notes whenever I add something new! Also because I have 71 themes, I'd love to synchronize them and all Vivaldi settings, what I do is make a copy of the profile, and I end up doing it many times with every change I make in Vivaldi.

    In Chrome you do not have to worry about losing your stuff, in Firefox too, of course, one day Vivaldi is going to be like this too! 🙂
    It is my default browser, very good! I have not seen myself using another browser for a long time! I am very accustomed to using Vivaldi and all its native functions! I almost do not need extensions! Which is very good!

    I'm dealing with the lack of synchronization by backing up the notes, favorites and the profile completely (especially not to lose the themes).
    Vivaldi will one day have synconization, and this will make the browser more complete!
    It is bad to be without this function, but this is far from disturbing me and not using Vivaldi.
    Like I said, it's very difficult for me to be using another browser for a long time, very accustomed to Vivaldi and his characteristics!
    Just thank the team for creating this great browser!
    Every day I get stuck with this browser, how nice they created it! So many thanks to the Vivaldi team!
    English is bad, but I think you can understand the thought. ☺

  • All the contents of my HDD, including my Vivaldi profile, are backed up continuously, so I don't need sync for that. I only use my mobile phone as a phone, so I don't need sync for that either (not that there's a Vivaldi browser for mobile devices yet anyway). I do have a few machines at home, but I use Firefox on my old Linux notebook as it is much less demanding on my resources, and while I do use Vivaldi on my new-ish laptop, I don't do so often enough that sync'd up anything matters a whole lot.

    In other words, I don't need a solution to a problem I don't have.

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    I deal with sync for now, as needed, by using XMarks, copying files, and exporting/importing passwords.

  • Right now, I'm dealing with sync on blind faith that my profile will stay intact until the sync feature comes. That's how I've been handling it since Sept 2015, when I first started using Vivaldi.

    So far, it's worked out okay. There were a few times I had to reinstall Windows, so I just put my profile onto a USB and then put it back on the new installation. I had a few scares where I had to reinstall due to Windows not booting up as something was corrupted, and if I didn't already copy my profile, I'd just go into the recovery manager and go into the folder and fish out my profile, copy it into my USB, then put it back in the next installation. Kinda scary and shaky, but it's working so far.

  • Honestly, that's far too much hassle. If you are on 2 different computers every day, and you need all the data on both at any given time, I would consider switching browser until Vivaldi has sync (which might be quite soon anyway). Opera would be an ok choice, since you at least have mouse gestures there. I went pure Vivaldi about one and a half years ago, but if I were in the same situation I would probably spare myself the trouble for the time being.

  • I don't need any sync, I see every other user complaining about this feature missing, I've never actually heard about it before using Vivaldi and frequenting this forum, always lived without it.

  • I also don't use sync. At least not anymore.
    Except because long story negative personal reason you probably don't want to hear anyway, I'm not an active moving network person anymore.

    I kept backup of my important profiles anywhere not Cloud.

    • In my phone cards.
    • In Laptop/Mobile PC drives.
    • In USB sticks/drives.

    Believe it or not, it's high change I travel with one of them. So, please don't mug me.

    Bookmarks & Passwords are two that I never want to travel around networks. No Cloud/Sync for those since beginning.

  • @dLeon said in How do you deal with the lack of sync?:

    Bookmarks & Passwords are two that I never want to travel around networks. No Cloud/Sync for those since beginning.

    I remember I was sceptical when Opera first introduced password synchronisation - but after a few weeks of reading how it was going for other users, and since (at that time) I trusted Opera the company, I finally went for it.

    But yeah, I think passwords is one thing that perhaps should be opt-in when you set up sync (so it isn't on by default).

    Bookmarks, on the other hand... I'm not sure why you have a problem with that. For the couple of sites (like my bank) that I don't really want to share with any snoopers, I just type the address in an incognito tab.

    Another killer feature for me would be synchronised RSS feeds (I loved RSS in Opera, but would have to spend five minutes at work deleting all the articles I'd already read at home, then another five minutes at home deleting all the ones I'd read at work).

  • @mossman

    I don't want any list what I'm interest in being study. In cloud obviously not owned by me, they could swear 10 times they won't do it. Like I will be there behind their back watching what they will do with it.

    Didn't that does happen? Trusted company suddenly sold to other which don't comply (they don't need to) to older End User Agreement.

    RSS, Twitter, G+. I have all of those. They almost like bookmarks, people start to tailored what they think I will think interesting.

    Basically this, I minimize my data ever posted in Internet. It's a wild wild west down there.

  • @dLeon It's actually not. In the wild wild west they only had WANTED posters 😃

  • I use lastpass to sync my passwords. Other than that, sync isn't a big feature for me, but occasionally when I do need to sync, I either copy the urls I need into Firefox which has sync, generate a qr code or use the pocket extension.


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