Someone shares the simple codes for my leaving Google black or any color I want, change colors of the links, search bar etc. - Stylish extension.

  • Please, someone shares the codes to make Google get the whole black background, search bar, menus of the apps etc, and with the blue font, it has themes so to stylish only that I wanted to edit and leave just the necessary, I just do not understand anything about it!
    I would like a small code and only with the necessary lines, so I could change colors easily, colors of Google links etc.
    Thank you!

  • Right click on the element you want to change and click inspect, this brings up the html and you get the code for your css in stylish. Links are normally simply "a" for example. But yeah, if you wanna learn css there are enough guides and tutorials on the net. Stylish lets you also request themes. Hard to give you any concrete advice since you neither shared the code nor the site you want it to work on.

  • The problem is, Styling Google Search page is a real pain.

    I search "Google" in the first one on the top
    is completely like what you want, Black background with Blue link;

    Looking to that userstyle, I could only said... err right. I must give a big kudos for people who style Google pages.
    Just for "a", there's multiple settings everywhere.

  • @luetage I'll do it! I want to know at least a little bit to do my customizations. Thank you! ☺

  • @dLeon I installed this theme yesterday, I'm checking each line and seeing what a change does. lol
    As you said, there are many lines, a lot of work for the guy who created the theme. Amazing.
    Thank you! ☺


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