Feature request: "select all" button in history

  • I want to delete every page in history of a particular web site, for example www.sitetodelete.com.

    Then I go to History panel, search for "www.sitetodelete.com" and found all URLs to delete.

    Now, I can select all items one by one, but it's a long and annoying work...

    What about putting a "Select all" button, that automatically select every visible item, resulting from search?

  • Selecting them one by one isn't needed. You can select all entries by clicking the first, holding shift and clicking the last, or by simply using the ctrl-A / cmd-A shortcut (depending on your operating system).

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    @thepisu said in Feature request: "select all" button in history:

    What about putting a "Select all" button

    As luetage said, just select all with shift + click, then delete them. Having fewer buttons is better than having too many.

    This is even more true of items on menus. Long menus make it slower to select items. Take a look at the context menu for stacked tabs. There are now 19 items, but still people ask for more.

    I know from past experience with Opera, that when we get the option to edit menus, I will remove a lot of the clutter to make room for some extra items that I actually use.

    The Opera tab-stack context menu has 9 items and 4 submenus; mine has 7 items and one submenu.
    0_1489739748590_Opera Tab Stack Menu.png

    If you still want this button the Feature Requests thread is the right place for it.

  • @thepisu are you in stable 1.7?

    I think the feature @luetage mentioned was fix as soon 1.8 came out or maybe next versions followed.
    I remember that Ctrl+A will also select the headers in history page. Which make using "Delete" key doesn't work. But it seem it's working now, I also just realize that.

    And, there's "Filter by Site" in Vivaldi in New History Page. It's like Chromium/Chrome arrow drop down in their history page.

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