Feature Request: Address bar should suggest base domain name first

  • In the address bar, if one begins to type a domain name for a site that has been previously visited, the initial suggestion that pops up in the address bar is always a full URL, such as the last page on a site that was visited. Additionally, if I type a full domain name, like newegg.com in the address bar, I will still be directed to the first full page URL suggested rather than to https://newegg.com/, meaning that I have to delete the suggested URL first before I can get to the homepage.

    It would be much more useful if the default suggested entry would be the base domain rather than a full URL.

    For example, currently if I type newegg into the address bar, the URL bar automatically fills with newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=bluetooth+speaker&ignorear=0&N=4820&isNodeId=1.


    For websites that I visit often, I just want to be able to type newegg or aliex (aliexpress.com) and have Vivaldi suggest the home page for domains that match the search.


    Currently, this does happen for some domains (like facebook.com above) but I haven't been able to figure out when it does and doesn't.

    I feel that most people when typing in the search box, if the string matches part of a root domain, that they are probably most interested in going to the root domain and not one of the random pages that has been visited on that domain. This is especially true for shopping websites like Newegg, Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, etc. I should be able to type "ebay[ENTER]" and go to https://www.ebay.com, rather than the last item or search I did on eBay.

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    @NiteShdw: Do you have "Always prefer bookmarks" turned on in your settings?

  • I'm using the default settings and I just confirmed that option is enabled. However, the pages I'm referring to are not bookmarks. Are you suggesting that a workaround would be to create bookmarks for all the pages that I want to default to just the domain name?

    I'd prefer to not have to do that, but knowing that would help, I can look into bookmarking common domains.

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    @NiteShdw: No. I mostly get just the domain first here, if the page is not bookmarked - even if I have visited multiple pages in the domain. If you choose the bookmark preference, however, you'll never get the plain domain first, unless there are no bookmarks for it. For my part, with bookmarks pref turned off, the first two letters of any much-used site show that basic domain first. If not the first two, then the first three letters pretty much always do.


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