Nickname, Description based bookmark search not working

  • In the past I was able to search my bookmarks by typing in either nicknames or description into the bookmark search bar and narrow down my bookmark search.

    Since the latest update this is no longer working. Is this a common problem and is there a solution?

    Thank you!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, @TheDesigner, could I ask what OS you are using? I could not reproduce the issue on my w10.

  • I can confirm that searching for the description of a bookmark in the bookmarksbar and in the bookmarkspanel don't work for me (although I don't know if it does before - I just generated some descriptions for testing)

    I tested this on Viv 1.8.770.9 32bit Standalone || Win 7 64bit

  • @Aronand Hi, I am using Win7 on a PC.

  • @zaibon Thank you for the feedback. It used to work very comfortably before. Made bookmark searches a breeze.

  • Moderator

    Searching for bookmarks by their nickname/description won't return any results in neither 1.7.735.46 nor 1.8.770.9 if you use the search bar in the bookmarks panel or on the bookmarks page (tested in 32-bit browsers on Windows 10 x64).

    It works, however, if you search for a bookmark using the address bar. If you look it up by a nickname, the bookmark will show up on an exact string match (unless the nickname-word is in the bookmark's title, URL or description). If the typed-in word is in the description, the bookmark should appear as long as the typed-in text matches any part of the description.

    Quick commands menu is a special case, as it doesn't look for the bookmark's description, but unlike the address bar, it shows bookmarks when the typed-in text matches only a part of the bookmark's nickname.

  • @pafflick Thank you for your feedback.
    Yes, the bookmark search in the address bar lists the results. However, because the window is narrow and I have many bookmarks with the same description, I end up seeing too many at the same time. On top of that most of my bookmarks are from Chinese sites, so the string is not useful to identifying the right result.

    I still prefer the old version, where when you started typing a nickname or description results started showing up in the bookmark panel.

    Still the suggested option is better than nothing. Thank you!

  • @TheDesigner UPDATE!
    As of the new release Version 1.8.770.50, this problem is now solved and things are back to as normal.


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