Allow me to hide the "Close Other Tabs" button, or undo its action completely

  • Many a time while cleaning up my admittedly excessive number of browser tabs, I have found myself clicking "Close Other Tabs" rather than "Close Tab", due to their unfortunate placement beside each other and my clumsiness.
    While "Close Tab" is easily undone, "Close Other Tabs" has no one-click reversal, and I have not found a way to recover all tabs, if (like me) one has more than the number of tabs which can be seen in the garbage bin menu (max. ~30) - all others are lost forever.

    So, sitting next to an innocuous button I regularly use, there sits a time-bomb. Something I WILL click when it's least convenient, which is irreversibly destructive, and greatly frustrating - I usually kept the tabs to remind me to do something. This issue is perhaps the only thing I miss about Firefox.

    This poor user experience could be mitigated in several ways:

    • Create an option to ask for confirmation on any multi-tab closure action ("You're closing 145 tabs? Maybe this is an accident!") (this is what Firefox did - it also stops you from accidentally closing a window when you think you're closing the whole browser)
    • Allow me to hide the multi-tab closure action buttons
    • Make Ctrl-Z undo the whole closure operation, not just open the last tab closed, or create some other one-click reverse to these operations - like vivaldi seems to do for window closures!
    • (Worst option) Make the garbage bin remember everything which was closed, so I can pull the ones I need out one by one 😢

    Although I'm sure some would argue I need the occasional nuclear solution to keep my tabs under control, I'd rather choose when it went off.


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    @giveemtheboot A request to Allow Editing of Menus is already in the Feature Requests forum.

  • @Pesala Sure, but there are different ways of solving this problem, and that might not be the easiest.
    It might be easier for the devs to re-use the functionality where the garbage bin offers to restore windows with one button, to allow undoing a multi-tab delete with one button, avoiding the complexity of fully customisable menus.

    My request is almost not for a specific feature, but rather
    "make this aspect of user experience not terrible"

  • @giveemtheboot You still could go to the new history page (as long as you use the snapshot version - otherwise you need to wait until stable 1.8 is released) select the closed pages all at once and hit enter.


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