What distro do you use?

  • desktop: arch -> gentoo (as time permits)
    travel laptop: win8 + arch dual boot
    serious laptop: win8 + arch dual boot

    server: esxi -> fbsd + bhyve (as time/hardware upgrades permit)
    -> terminal server: 2012R2
    -> sandbox: win7 x86
    -> file/app server: debian
    -> dvr: ubuntu, soon to be defunct (only because zoneminder is the worst to get running properly on other builds)

  • Fedora Design Suite 27
    Fedora Workstation + Photo, Video, Audio, Raster/Vector Graphics, DTP. Just add WebDev Apps and good to go 😎

    *Everything a Web/Graphic Designer would need to kick Microsoft, Apple and Adobe to the curb!

    This is why I switched to Open Source & Linux: Freedom, Privacy, Security, User Control of Everything.

  • Ambassador

    I'm a newbie so I keep it simple. For now I use Linux Mint.
    Most of you speak a foreign language to me. For the most
    part I have no idea as to what you are saying.

  • Xubuntu.
    I like the xfwm4 window manager but remove the xfce4-panel and use plank and tint2.0_1540027984235_103.jpg

  • @steffie Approaching 12 months on from that earlier post, & status for both PCs now is:

    Linux Manjaro [Stable branch] 18.0.0 KDE Plasma 5.14.1.

    Very very noice!

  • I'm enjoying Lubuntu right now on my main PC. It's small and simple, And it's great for older computers. The only browser I use is Vivaldi, Lubuntu comes with Firefox...Slow as molasses on Lubuntu, so I removed it.

  • Archlabs linux, Xubuntu, MXLinux-17

  • Ambassador

    Kubuntu 18.04 LTS Plasma

  • @mahrakib said in What distro do you use?:

    Archlabs linux

    Interesting; shall look at this in a VM out of curiosity.

    OT a bit: Today out of that same [but rather morbid] curiosity i downloaded & setup in a VM the RC of ReactOS. OMZ; it took me back decades. Tis extraordinarily hard to see any rational use-case for this. I quite enjoyed this three year old comment i found abut it; https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10748961

    I've always been strangely fascinated by this project. I don't understand it. I appreciate the technical skill involved, and the amount of effort expended. But, I can't imagine working on it.

    From my perspective, Windows is an inferior system to any UNIX-based system on almost every front. It has a very strong application ecosystem, but technically it's unpleasant to work on (for me). So, given that, if there's something I want an OS to do that Linux can't do, I would be motivated to work on making Linux able to do that thing so I could do that thing on an Open Source OS I enjoy using, rather than work on replicating Windows so I could do that thing on an open source OS I don't enjoy using.

    But, it seems there are people who genuinely enjoy Windows more than Linux (or BSD), and are willing to work for 17 years in pursuit of being able to run an Open Source Windows version. I admire them for it, but still can't understand it.

  • I have switched to MX Linux from Fedora... It's better to watch the IBM Takeover from a distance out of harms way.

  • Kubuntu Disco (19.04).
    Have to say I am very impressed by Vivaldi on Ubuntu variation(s). Very, very impressed. Good work.

  • Ha. This venerable thread is >5 years old, golly! I just re-read it all; quite fascinating. Various distros mentioned that no longer exist, others that are now on substantially bigger release/version numbers than those mentioned above. Also... some still-present active forum members dipped their toes in the water of this thread years ago, but the large majority of the earlier posters have been silent in the forum for a looong time; presumably have departed.

    Me, currently:

    1. Desktop = Manjaro & Fedora dual-boot
    2. Laptop = Manjaro.

  • I use Manjaro + Windows 10 dual-boot.
    Manjaro KDE does nice job. Manjaro completely justifies its slogan 'enjoy the simplicity'. I'm glad that I started to use it. It's my main OS, I keep Windows 10 on my laptop just in case and majority of time I'm using Manjaro. It has better speed, more features and flexibility than Windows.

  • For my first 6 years in the Linux world I used Ubuntu, though I tried and experimented with many, many distributions. I tried out Antergos, fell in love with the Arch Linux framework/universe/multiverse, and then went full Arch (AKA The Arch Way) almost 2 years ago now.

    Arch Linux is now my only OS (Aside from Android on my phones and Windows 10 in VirtualBox VMs), though I do have 3 separate installs, all using the Deepin Desktop Environment with Plank.

    Arch Linux for Life! Arch Linux Forever!

  • macos.
    Windows is a mess. can it be used without the internet or getting on a mail list. one to many times being delayed starting up or shutting down. They are tyrannical about nearly everything. Did you want a windows key on your keyboard, probably not.
    was onboard with them DOS 2 and Windows 1. until Windows 7.
    Linux desktops don't fit me. I am 75 and can't see very well. I do usually have a linux partition around to play Mahjongg and Solitaire.
    I no longer want to fool around with installing and removing programs.
    I don't have enough time left fool around with this junk. You can keep your bazzar.

  • @Terryphi
    Manjaro with bspwm (tiling desktop) on an re-utilized old macbook; playing around with Artix (and Deepin desktop) on another one.

  • @Terryphi I have been using Debian with various desktops. I like switching desktops to keep up with them. I am currently trying out ArcoLinux. I have Knoppix 8.2 on a thumb drive. I just love the freedom of being able to switch between distros and desktops.

  • Linux Mint 19.2 for desktop and development, W10 for desktop and games.

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