How to Mark a Message in Unread?

  • In the Unread section of this forum the are two options: 1) Mark Selected Read, or 2) Mark All Read.

    How to select a message for marking?

    I just can't see how. It must be obvious. Me dumb.

  • @g_bartsch -- Hi Garry, no you're not, of course, but i also didn't know til i read your query & had a muck-about. Look what i happily found by accident when i pointed at the posters' avatars:


  • @Steffie Thank you Steffie. You are awesome! I was looking for a checkbox or something similar and never thought to mark a post by clicking the poster's avatar. And I never accidentally moused over it either. Well, now we know, but I have to say this is counter-intuitive in my mind. Hmmm?

  • @g_bartsch -- Yep, i also assumed [in the tradition of Felix & Oscar?] that there'd be checkboxes. In desperation i thought i'd see if i could select multiple posts in that page by clicking & dragging to encompass multiple posts... & in said act, i was astonished to see first one, then another, then another, avatar magically change. Aha [i thought], aha aha aha! In retrospect, i quite like this, but totally agree it's not exactly intuitive [for this little purple duck, anyway].

  • @Steffie Yes, it works well know that we know. I wish I hadn't taken so long to ask for help when stuck. Thanks again!

  • Moderator

    When the new forum came up, i did not know how to select single entries in list, too.
    When i clicked on the avatar at the left to see the users profile as it would be in other forums, i was surprised to see that these avatars act as sort of checkboxes.
    Unfamiliar foe me.
    Oh yes, modern UI. Not always something for a 👵 like me. 😉

  • Thanks, now I know why there is a tick on some avatars ahahahah


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