cannot go to second page on some forums

  • i cannot visit the second page in windows and all-platform section, can someone verify

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    @saudiqbal: WFM (Works For Me). I have no difficulty navigating to any page of any section.

  • I can confirm there are some hiccups
    clicking on any of the pages (2 or 108) changed for a second to page=2 then back to page=1, whatever the page is selected, now seems to work randomly for me. It needs to try many times.

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    @saudiqbal I use the infinite scroll, which makes looking through topics/posts much faster. You can try it out: click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page, go to Settings and uncheck "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll" under Pagination menu there.

  • @pafflick -- until 2 days ago that was also my setting. Unhappily i decided to change it to pagination as a rather annoying hassle had been occurring [not all the time, but just enough to be too frustrating]... as i auto-scrolled down the page, mostly it was well-behaved but sometimes there'd be a big jump causing me to lose my place. When i tried scrolling back up to get back to where i was, sometimes another [but reversed] big jump happened, taking me too far back in history of that thread. Has that not sometimes also happened for you?

  • Just had the same problem where I couldn't get past page one of a thread.
    I logged out and deleted history.
    Didn't test to see if either those was the solution but page works again.

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    @Steffie Yeah, I know it has some flaws. I don't know how do you "auto scroll" the page (MMB press?), but since I don't use that anyway, for me the benefits of "infinite scroll" overcome those little difficulties and I'm quite happy with it. 🙂

  • @pafflick -- yep, MMB click then slightly move mouse in target direction... with AutoScroll extension installed [mostly there's nothing i miss since coming to Linux from Windows a few years ago, but Linux's lack of native autoscroll for chromium-based browsers, initially exasperated me, til i discovered this extension]. I've just changed back to infinite scroll now, again, to give it another chance, again...

  • Looks like it happens on small screen, it is happening on my laptop but not on my desktop with big screen, I might be wrong.

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    @iAN-CooG I am having that exact same issue.

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