Ready to make your own mouse gestures? Now you can with Vivaldi 1.2

  • @YamiryuuZero:

    Congrats on the new release! Now, please, will you work on the Speed Dial? Stock images, icons, more columns, better management options, etc

    Well said this part!
    I hope in the future I choose the images to sites on Speed Dial 😃
    I know they are working on it, I'm expecting a lot for this feature, you can choose images to my sites. 🙂

  • This version of this faster than the previous one, the sites are being opened very, very fast! Excellent release! 😃
    Thank you for the option to open sites automatically by the nickname quick command! f2 😃

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I think he wants to zoom in/out using mouse whell on zoom scale. And it would be good actually.

  • I am also waiting for this feature, is in the list, perhaps in the next release, many are asking this. 🙂

  • Without visions can't be Vivaldi. Scaleable zoom was in old Opera and it was easy to zoom webpage only with moving with mouse wheel over the zoom bar.

  • Options for lazy loading of tabs: 1.3? There's a lot of pent-up demand for it.

  • I'm also very thankful for the editable mouse gestures. Only one thing missing to perfection from the old Opera days - mouse gesture sensitivity setting. I must admit the default value is great and very responsive. But it may be too much for somebody (not me for sure. I love that little move which gives me great pleasure lol) Congrats to the whole Vivaldi Team to another milestone. Can't wait for the new experimental build.

  • Regression: unable to use OS mouse gestures without native window enabled. Was fine in RC1 of 1.2

  • There are still some bugs with mouse gestures. Two- or more stroke gestures can skip a stroke and still function. (e.g. up-left-down closes window, but up-down also closes window, but ONLY when up-down is unmapped. If it is mapped, then it perform the mapped gesture.)

  • Good, you've half fixed the start/home page issue. Now, how about changing the tab name "start page" to what it actually is - Speed Dial? And there's an anomaly (or bug) in the Speed Dial, in that while Speed Dial is highlighted in blue up top, when one clicks on the "+" to add a new thumbnail, the dialog box title shows as "Add Bookmark." Confusing.

    Here are a couple of changes that would get me to take a very close look at Vivaldi as my main browser:
    Speed Dial:

    • configurable thumbnail size; SD is effectively unusable with a large number of thumbnails
    • have add box show open tabs, so new thumbnail can be chosen among them by clicking

    Recently open tabs: Facility needed. Would like to see a button (or icon), e.g., at the bottom right of the screen.

    Of less consequence:

    • Search field option could be worded better, e.g., "Put Search Field in Address Bar" or "Combine Search Field with Address Field." Right now, it takes experimenting to see what you mean.

    That's all I can think of for now. Thanks,

  • Moderator

    Yes. Scroll-wheel on the slider works nicely in Old Opera, but only up to 300% - that's also a bug in Vivaldi. Webpage zoom can go up to 500% with the slider but not with the scroll-wheel zoom

  • Moderator

    Agreed. It's more comfortable to use the slider in old Opera, and feedback is instant, unlike the feedback in Vivaldi.

  • @duarte.framos:

    You can already make the side panel overlap the page content with a custom CSS tweak as described here by another user!/ccomment-comment=17955

    Thanks for that; it works really well, and the hidden address bar is a great bonus for people like me with wide screens and limited vertical space!

    I pasted your CSS codes to the bottom of the actual common.css, rather than linking to it in the HTML file. Naturally I backed up the original file just in case.

  • I nice browser with some very useful features. However, has anyone tried to play MP3 audio or MP4 videos in version 1.2 for Windows? The internal player doesn't work for me. I've reported this by e-mail to support, but so far there's been no response.

  • Here I am not with this problem! Windows 8.1 🙂

  • I'm running Windows 7. The player handles WEBM videos fine, but does absolutely nothing with MP3s or MP4s. The player comes up, but playback is somehow disabled, and the play button is grayed out.

  • Welcome, I am not the author of those codes though, I don't want any credit for it, just spreading the info.
    Just be careful when updating, you may lose any customization made directly in stock files, that is why they are made in a separate file so you don't have to rewrite it when upgrading.

  • I had to stop using Vivaldi because of this annoying bug:

    This bug happen almost all the time, and everywhere.

  • No problem. I've kept a copy of that code, so if common.css changes with the next upgrade, I can simply paste the code back in there. In fact, just in case I ever want to revert to an older release, I have a backup of the entire 1.2 version complete with my profile, since I'm using the standalone version, which makes it much easier to back up.

  • Thank you for another great release.
    I love Vivaldi.


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