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    I tend to travel a lot for work. I've always found it valuable to meet people in person. I find it builds far better relationships than you can with emails, phone calls or video conferences.

    And it's important to hear from you directly to make sure we're on the right path. I see the community as an extension of our team. We're building this together, after all.

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  • I have used Vivaldi for a while now. Although I like almost everything about it I am so fed up with the amount of advertisements that I am afraid I will stop using it.

  • What advertisemnets are you talking about?

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    Nonsense! Go back to Chrome, kid 🙂

  • any plans for mobile version of vivaldi browser?

  • What advertisements are you talking about? Vivaldi has none. And I don't know any other browser which has build in advertisement either.

    If you are talking about ads on websites, blame the websites, not the browser. The browser will load what ever code the websites sends to it. You can install an adblocker in Vivaldi, most people do. Ublock Origin works great.

  • Absolutely. There will be a Vivaldi mobile browser eventually. They said they would work on it, once Vivaldi Stable was released. So I assume they are already working on it or planning to do so this year.

    I guess based on popularity and usage, Android will be first since iPhone has a less market share and actually will not allow them to use the Chrome engine either (Apple's restrictions on browsers).

    There will be a mobile browser. That is for sure. Since people want sync. And Android tablets are also replacing some desktops for some users so there is a need to have an Android browser. I assume this mobile browser will be different in the GUI interface (I hope), since the current one is designed for cursors, pointers and desktops users. Its not optimized for a touch experience or working on small screens.

    I'm very excited on what Vivaldi will bring to the mobile world. Just like Opera in the past, I think the mobile interface will be a complete revolution vs existing mobile browsers. It will surely be the best interface on a touch phone but still designed for road workers, not just a simple port. This means power users on the go. Combining this with your desktop Vivaldi is something that just makes sense in a world with multiple devices.

  • Anyone going to visit Café numérique? 🙂

  • You should probably post that on the release blog article as this one is not related to any browser build 🙂

  • k.

  • Advertisements? Where?

  • Would love a lot of things, among better performance for one thing. Another thing would be great is a vertical tab cycler that works just like O12, and with my own custom keyboard shortcut, just like O12. I have some CSS that I'd like Vivaldi to consider making it's default design, which I'll send in a bug report. A lot of overall polishing is definitely needed in terms of the functions that we have, the design, etc. It'd also be great if you guys could build Electron up to the point of being able to use it, then you could ditch Chromium's app system and build the browser much better. Make the mouse cursor disappear when hovering over videos or having videos fullscreen like Opera does. A history panel. A light panel, and a thinner one at that. Other than that, there isn't all that much I'm looking forward to other than sync and mail.

  • 😃
    opera-lover since v3 😎

  • @jjdickson:

    I have used Vivaldi for a while now. Although I like almost everything about it I am so fed up with the amount of advertisements that I am afraid I will stop using it.

    Would you please be kind enough to explain what "advertisements" you are seeing? Because I don't see much of any. But then, I have quite a comprehensive HOSTS file blocking most advertising servers and if what manages to get through is annoying enough I simply block it with UBlock Origin extension.

  • Stop visiting pornhub, the ads will go away.

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    auhauhauhahusuhshua or use any adblock extension

  • maybe you're thinking of Opera 5 😕

  • Awesome to hear from the man himself! Vivaldi has a real community with real people.

  • Come to South America! ❤

  • Thanks for the tip! I installed both uBlock Origin and uBlock Origin WebSocket. So far, so good.

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