Snapshot 1.1.453.45 - Vivaldi 1.1RC3

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    It's a regression. It was fixed for several snapshots and I just noticed on this version, it's back.

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    That strikes me as very counter-intuitive. The only time I REALLY need the bookmarks bar is on pages OTHER than speed dial.

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  • @c0ppo:

    There is one thing that this browser needs more then any other:

    -> Performance

    Really can't use it as daily driver as is (even tough I try and want to), since it feels so sluggish atm.

    I really wish for that aspect of vivaldi to improve. Other then that, great job as usual guys. Keep it up 🙂

    Did someone say 'Performance' ? I'm here for you buddy!

    I actually tried using Vivaldi as my main browser for 2 straight days and the only thing keeping me back was its performance… mainly Gestures and UI Performance always fall behind for nearly half a second and even though half a second seems trivial, but it's not...

    I had to go back to Opera again because Vivaldi couldn't keep up with all the "Ctrl + T" and "Ctrl + W" and Mouse gestures... Unfortunately the whole browser still feels slow and as I was reading the many reviews on the web after the release of Vivaldi 1.0, Low Performance was the one common Con present between all of the reviews...

    Guys... I know there's been some improvements to Performance along the way (I know cause I'm testing every release) but it's not enough yet... you have to make Vivaldi's UI more responsive and faster to react to user input...

    Thank you for the journey up until now... it's been fun every week!

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    There is one thing that this browser needs more then any other:

    -> Performance

    Did someone say 'Performance' ? I'm here for you buddy!

    I really hope the devs can crank it up. One place I want a lot better responsiveness is in the bookmark panel (and bookmark manger even though I'm not using it much till it becomes more friendly). Opening and closing items is not instantaneous and feels "heavy". Adding bookmarks is also not instantaneous. I'm using it but hoping for quicker responses.

  • Very minor bug: UI zoom isn't working when settings are not shown in a tab. It only zooms the settings window. (Mac OS X 10.11.4).

  • If its supposed to be successor of old Opera, why it still doesnt have right click context menu search? And some better way of using these search engines in the search field on the right? I hope there will be some improvements on this.

    Maybe something like:
    1. You can write search term.
    2. You can also choose from google suggestions.
    3. Then, you can change search engine with something like "alt+4 arrow keys" (how great it would be, to be able to choose some search engine in the grid based placement with default search engine at the center, youtube on the right, google images on the right>right, DuckDuckGo on the left>up, IMDB on the right>right>down, etc, just place it where you want, you will learn patterns, see icons, and it would be faster than long list of search engines - I currently have 28 search engines in Opera.)
    4. Then, you can choose HOW you want to open the results - in current tab (enter), background tab (ctrl+enter) or foregroud tab (ctrl+shift+enter). And of course, we should be able to modify this setup, cause everyone likes it differently, but I think it was like this in the old Opera, and it also worked for clicks with mouse, globally in the browser. Please, at least YOU should implement it.

    And also, PERFORMANCE. Until there isnt better performance, its like Vivaldi doesnt even exist for me, because I just CANT use it with this slow UI responsivness. Every other main browser is ok, Opera is best in this responsiveness, but Vivaldi? The most promising browser? - Slow.

  • Thx, but that option either does not work as intended, or isn't working as I imagined it. It will stack only few related tabs, it will not go through all opened tabs.
    The second thing You mentioned is semi useful for me, as I always want to know where the last openeed tab goes, and if I use that option it is hard to pinpoint the exact location later on. That is why I was wondering if advanced sorting can be added.

  • Czech translation bug still not fixed… VB-16542

  • Latest update killed all my pined tabs, not good.

  • Does that on every update I tried. +1 for "not good".

  • Little missing french translation too:

  • the same here, so probably Chromium dropped support not only for Win XP

    I seriously consider upgrading to some more actual linux distribution, which means I've got to drop Opera at last, which I still use as mail client.

    The prospect of migrating to a new distribution isn't funny, because we're running three machines in the house, of which two notebooks have already performance issues with some sites.

  • I think that Vivaldi's performance is actually quite good.
    But it might be because before that I was using Firefox with about 35 extensions (to make it work at least little bit like old Opera) for 2 years and its performance was just awful.

  • You might want to check your update channels because I have the impression you are mixing them. I have the stable Vivaldi release, yet I received the notification to install this release candidate.

    Should not the stable Vivaldi installation only receive stable updates and not development ones?

  • Feature requests/bug fixes please!!
    1, Stop shrinking tabs as more are added but instead scroll a la FF (this is almost a deal breaker!!)
    2, Fix Xmarks bug
    3, Add tool bar for icons for printer, home page etc. a la FF
    4, Add print review scaling
    5, Fix new tab always opens at end of tab bar even when 'New Tab Position' is set to 'Next to Tab' (or am I missing something?) [clone tab is a workaround for now]
    6, Add round off top corners of tabs so they can more easily be distinguished from each other

  • Ok, didn't realize this post is from yesterday the 25. It seems the link for the update points here. I guess a new stable release was just launched but no blog post.

  • Search with CTRL-F does not work

  • Menu bar is not useful to use with keyboard.
    1. If horizontal menu is enabled it is not possible to activate any menu/menu item with ALT+Key
    2. If horizontal menu is disabled menu behavior with ALT+Key is very strange.
    It is for exampe not possible to adress help menu with ALT+H … you have to press ALT and menu appears on release of button ????

  • Seems that i was wrong … there were settings enabled after update "Disable All Keyboard Shortcuts" and "Disable Single Keyboard Shortcuts" ... But i don't know what 2nd setting should do and how it can be controlled


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