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  • Unfortunately, I cannot save javascript:codehere bookmarks. To make bookmarklets working, a support for javascript: links in URL box should be added. Some people might say that JS can be executed with [b]extensions[/b], but don't forget that there are some disadvantages on writing extensions: - not everyone that can code a little JavaScript is also able to create an extension. An extension is not easily created by newbies. - extensions aren't that flexible as (simple) bookmarklets could be. - extensions usually occupy RAM memory, bookmarklets doesn't at all. - writing an extension for a simple JS alert? That would be like hunting sparrows with a bazooka... [b]What about the developer console?[/b] Copy & Pasting code into the developer console can also be tedious. Imagine, you have five different bookmarklets/mini scripts. As bookmarklet, you can just click them. In the developer console, you'd have to open the console, open your mini script in a text editor, copy & paste it into the console. That takes much longer. So, in my opinion, there [b]is[/b] a good reason for bookmarklets.

  • I need bookmarklet too. It's the best way to small work JavaScript.

  • Did it ever get addressed, elsewhere, whether this is a planned feature or not?

  • +1 this

    Would be really nice to have, but I would assume this is already on some ToDo list. I doubt they would let out a feature that is in every browser since netscape 4 or whatever…

  • I have to agree, there are several bookmarklets I use regularly and support would be greatly appreciated (:

  • +1 for this. I need bookmarklets for Instapaper and Pinboard.

  • +1.

    Although, I'd like a little improvement on bookmarklet support.

    A bookmarklet is a javascript URL. 'javascript:' + percent-encoded javascript code. When navigated to, the browser percent-decodes the part after 'javascript:' to get the raw javascript code and then executes it.

    What I'd like in a bookmark's properties is an "Is Bookmarklet" checkbox, which then shows a multi-line text field where you can type/paste raw javascript code (that's all nicely formatted / beautified for example).

    What this allows is easy editing of the bookmarklet. As in, if you want to edit the code, you don't have to edit the javascript source you have saved somehwhere where you then have to re-encode it into a javascript URL and paste it in the address/URL field in the bookmark's properties. Instead, you can just edit the raw code right in the bookmark's properties.

    Now when bookmarking a javascript (a.k.a bookmarklet) link, vivaldi would just set the "is bookmarklet" flag, percent-decode the bookmarklet data and insert the raw code into the multiline text field.

    When executing the bookmarklet, vivaldi could generate a javascript URL for the bookmark and execute that. However, vivaldi could be made to just execute the raw js code directly in the context of the page and bypass the whole navigating to the URL handling etc.

    In short, bookmarklets would work the same as in other browsers and work as expected. You'd just be able to edit the raw javascript code in the bookmark's properties.

    For a twist on this to make it more automatic and much simpler:

    Whenever there's a javascript URL for the bookmark's address, automatically create a mutli-line text field that shows the raw javascript code all nicely formatted. Then, when you edit the raw code, the javascript URL automatically updates and when you edit the javascript URL, the raw code field automatically updates. When the bookmarklet is executed, it's executed in the tradition URL handling way. (In other words, there would be 'input' listeners on both of the text fields with handlers that update the other text field.)

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  • Browser for power users without bookmarklets… sounds silly. I'm sure they will implement it.

  • +1; was quite surprised when it didn't work - couldn't imagine a browser in 2015 to not allow js-bookmarklets.

  • Bookmarklet support is the only thing keeping me from switching completely

  • Hm, add me to the big +1 group, bookmarklets are essential for a browser, especially one designed for power users!!!

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    Yes, i miss bookmarklets for daily work in addressbar, too.

  • I previously used this when Opera broke bookmarklet support some time ago: to quickly create extensions that ran bookmarklet code, but it seems not to work anymore (sourcecode on Github, so should be easily fixable for PHP users).

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    Nice idea, but …. BMets converted to extensions are not a good solution.
    If you want to use many bookrmaklests as they all are loaded in processes, eating up memory resources.

  • Indeed that is the price of a process-per-page browser architecture, yet sadly it is the only solution for the moment for Vivaldi until they support javascript: URLs — my most important bookmarklet (citeulike) I've just converted manually. I will probably still have to keep using Opera for the other BM functionality i can't live without.

  • While searching around for cookie extensions I stumbled upon this:

    The extension is called AutoScript and is an (intermediate) solution for those who need to run bookmarklets every once in a while.
    It runs fine in Vivaldi, you can add a bookmarklet by clicking "add script" and simply dragging your bookmarklet on the text area (copy/paste will work too) and saving it.

    I tested it with the readable bookmarklet. To make it work you need to first enable the script and then load the site you wish to run your bookmarklet on. In addition you can use regular expression to define the sites your script/bookmarklet should run on.

    Well, I guess that's the best we can do for now.
    Oh yeah, and you can obviously save/run as many bookmarklets as you like with it.

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    //UPDATE: Internal testing and development is currently in progress: Bookmarklets work in bookmarkbar and Javascript work in adressbar.
    May be it will come in Snapshot next week.

  • @Gwen-Dragon My tumblr bookmarklet doesn't work. I shall continue waiting for bookmarklet support.

  • @NetOperatorWibby
    Bookmarklets are working for me. (Although it's possible something is going wrong in your install. Do you have the latest snapshot?) Make sure that it isn't a bookmarklet that relies on any browser-specific features or quirks. (Best to rely on bookmarklets known to work in Chrome. Also, it's safest to use only official bookmarklets issued by reliable sites, or bookmarklets you've coded yourself. A lot of bad stuff can be done by a malicious bookmarklet.)


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