Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • _@Pesala:

    The same problem here. No flash player, so cannot play videos on BBC. Downloading and installing Flash again didn't make any difference. Only one plugin shows up in the plugins page — for the Chromium PDF viewer.

    Strange, you've had this problem before I seem to recall with BBC videos, working for me, Win 8.1.
    I have PPAPI installed only now.

  • Request:
    Vivaldi already has implemented Close Tab on Double Click
    How about also including Open Tab on Double Click (like Opera 12+)?
    (I know there is already a workaround for this documented in the forum, but it would be nice to have it as a native function). Personally I find it very useful.

  • Have identical problem as Pesala has… never had it before in previous build.

  • Sorry don't know where to post but here, probably wrong place. I am getting three (3) Email notifications to each new post instead of one. How do I correct? All are same email address to me.

  • I heart Ruari. In a non creepy way 🙂

  • thx!!!! now i can use Vivaldi as main Browser.
    how to set a standard zoom-level?
    I miss pinch to zoom with my wacom tablet.

    is there a way to reduce memory footprint especially for less powerful devices?

  • Why do I have to re-enable the extensions every time I close and reopen Vivaldi? Thought this bug had been fixed in this build, but, it's still here. Is there any way I can fix it myself?

  • Moderator

    It's a bug. It will be fixed.

  • Moderator

    Hm. I have several folders and folders within folders within folders. Cannot replicate the flicker. My feeble little system has only 10 GB of RAM and a 6-core AMD FX-6120 processor plus AMD Radeon HD 7450 OEM graphics. I have read more than one place that a white flicker was an inbuilt problem with recent versions of Blink, but I have never seen it.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are working on fixing these startup issues with extensions.

  • There is no flicker first time I open Speed Dial. If I continue to open folders, there will be a flicker every time. If I open a bookmark (URL) and then go back to the Speed Dial there is no flicker. If I then open other folders, I get flicker again.
    I looks like the thumbs are cleared and then repainted.

  • On vivaldi://about the versions of OS X 10.8+ (that includes 10.9, 10.10 and up) the label is wrong. Apple dropped Mac from the OS X name with version OS X 10.8

  • Bug:speed dial does not refresh. I deleted my thumbnails and hit refresh and it does nothing no spinning icons, no errors just nothing.

  • Thanks for the latest update… so many bugs squashed.

    I have an ongoing issue that I don't know how to resolve. I love Vivaldi but the font rendering of the UI elements (tabs' labels etc) is terrible. I have tried changing the fonts specified in the "custom.css" file, also tried adding CSS font smoothing, but nothing seems to improve the situation. The short story is that it's nowhere near as good as in Chrome or Firefox.

    OS: Fedora 21 64-bit

  • Definitely worth the 2 week wait. Having extension buttons and improved loading indicator outweighs not being able to have tabs on the left (for a while at least).

    Roll on email!

  • If you added extensions buttons, you should have added an option to hide them as well…
    Bookmarks folders need some tune up, you can't right click bookmarks inside a folder and there is no favicon.

  • For me needs synchronization and display division equal Maxthon.

  • speed dial items are opening in a new tab on middle click here

  • I had almost written off Vivaldi due to the user interface responsiveness, I had doubts they would be able to improve it significantly with the web based UI, but this release proves other wise. Very snappy, and nearly on par with chrome/opera, very impressed with this update!

  • I've also noticed that, when listening to music, the browser has this cool little bubble effect around the tile that's playing sound. It's a cool little effect that struck me as interesting with the new update.

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