Saving *jnlp files when chosen to Open them

  • Hello everyone,
    I am using Vivaldi for a while, but now I run into an annoying problem. I've started using java-based web application, which results in downloading *.jnlp files. Problem is, whenever I choose to Open, viz picture:

    this dialog always follows:


    And when I choose Keep button, file is saved into default location, as if I've chosen Save in previous dialog, with checkbox Always save Files to Defalult Download Location checked.

    I am opening this application many times, which generates anoying amount of jnlp files in my default location for saved files, where I keep only important files. I'd like these *jnlp files to be downloaded to TEMP directories, when I choose to Open, not to Save them

    This behaviour is not observed for other files, such as potentially dangerous .exe files or other.

    I would like to ask, whether this behaviour can be supressed by some settings, or if it is a bug and can be fixed.

    Thanks in advance


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