Anyone using Kaspersky Password Manager?

  • I am a Kaspersky Total Security customer, also using their Password Manager. There is an Chrome Extension that party works with Vivaldi. It general it works pretty well.

    The main issue I got is that you can set a default browser in the setting for Kaspersky Password Manager. Vivaldi is sadly not a supported browser, only IE, Chrome and Firefox. Therefore opening a website from KPM it will open one of the other browsers. It looks to be a quick fix to add Vivaldi, well some testing will be required.

    Emailing Kaspersky Support they got no plans adding Vivaldi as a supported browser. My question is? Am I the only one using this combination?

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    I tried last year but it did not work. Laster i removed it as i got the information Kaspersky does not support other browsers.

    I use KeePass2 with chromeIpass extension. And that works fine.

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