To all non-native-english speakers here...

  • ...i wanted to congratulate you. It occurred to me just now that many newbies to V fora/blogs often begin their post with an apology, like "Hi, sorry for my bad english" etc. I'd like to say to you all -- you are awesome & your english communication skills are fantastic; it's generally easy to understand what you are saying, & IMO there's absolutely no reason at all to feel a need to apologise or feel insecure about it. After all, the wonderful thing is that you are able to communicate in at least two languages, & in many cases it's even several languages. In contrast, many native english-speakers know only English... & i'm certainly guilty of that. Worse still, I know many native english-speakers [i'm talking now about life generally, not just here] who not only know no other language, but are [to be mean but honest] barely functional even in their english mother-tongue. So, to end as i began, to all non-native-english speakers here, I think your skills are fabulous. No apologies needed!! 🙂

  • im a native english speaker who agrees. language is a beautiful and artistic thing. beauty and art dont need apologies. i try to learn others, although not very successfully.

    me without a translator: Ihr weisst meine Sprache besserem als ich weis deinem sprachen,
    no apologies needed, and thank you all for your contributions.

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    @monkey_wrench_gang898 - and I equally without a translator: "You know my speech/language better than I know your languages."

    Thanks to a year of German in 9th grade, I'd have said: "Du verstehst meine Sprache besser als ich deine Sprachen verstehe." My 6th grade Spanish would provide me with "Usted entiende mi lengua mejor que entiendo sus lenguas." Either way, I would never venture to engage in a Spanish or German forum, the two languages in which I actually have some formal training. I applaud those who make the effort to use English here.

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    @Steffie Thanks, i hug you, my dear. 🤗

    As i am a non-native english speakin' ol' german dragoness, my english dict and grammar in my brain has been eaten up by corrosive processes. 😉

    PS: I speak better Perl than English.

  • I retired ~mid-way thru' 2015, & whilst in the latter phase of my career i didn't travel, an earlier phase required LOTS of travel, both around Oz, but also SE Asia [Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines], & two long trips to W & S USA [in which i was with not only US colleagues, but also Norway, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia]. During my various OS trips, as i interacted with numerous local-office colleagues, & customers, i was constantly constantly constantly amazed & impressed at the english language proficiency the great majority of my colleagues & our customers demonstrated. It was extremely humbling, not less so because many of my interlocutors were themselves humble & self-effacing, & often [unnecessarily] apologetic. I can't tell you how many times, in varying situations, both one on one but also when i was with groups, that i felt compelled to sincerely compliment their proficiency, & politely reject their apologies. For me it was a great cumulative experience to meet so many different people & cultures, & for the most part still be able to have effective & nourishing conversations... entirely to the credit of their talent, not mine. It was this older experience of mine that prompted me to feel the same level of admiration & respect here, in these fora & blogs. I really do mean what i said.

  • @Steffie

    Your complete Being had inspired you to write what and how you have written. Your body, mind and soul gathered among them and worked within a perfect tuning and this permitted this magnificent content. Forgive me for my English. 🤣

  • @Steffie said in To all non-native-english speakers here...:

    ...i wanted to congratulate you.

    what a nice thread! I thank you for the compliment 😃

  • @derDay -- Teehee, you're entirely welcome!


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