Extensions icons look blurred on the toolbar

  • This is a minor problem, but I'd like to report it: I'm currently using version 1.3.544.25 (Snapshot) and the extensions icons on the toolbar look blurred. Try, for example, 1Password or In-Site Search extensions and see how the keyhole and the magnifying glass icons look. This does not happen in version 1.2.490.43 (Stable), where those icons look perfectly as they should. Yes... I know... It's just a cosmetic issue. But, nevertheless, I think it must be fixed. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the report. There was no bug in the system about it so I created one.

  • I just would like you to know that the problem remains. I have just installed version 1.3.551.37 (Snapshot) and the extensions icons still look blurred in the toolbar.

  • Yes, the issue is still present. It is internally tracked as VB-19866, by the way. If you see that ID in the changelog, you know it has been fixed.

  • I'll be watching the next versions changelogs.

  • Same here. We've deployed Vivaldi for some testusers in our network. Most feedback is about blurred icons. Please fix.

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