Snapshot 1.3.544.25 - Quick fixes

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    [quote=ruario]Just a quick update to let you try out all our latest fixes from this week.[/quote] [b]Changelog[/b] [li][u]Upgraded to Chromium 52.0.2743.83[/u] [spoiler] [li][Regression] Bookmarklets clear tab title (VB-19320) [li][Regression] JS dialogs sometimes lack keyboard focus when invoked from address bar (VB-19324) [li][Regression] Page is not shown after detaching tab (VB-19578) [li][Regression] No thumbnails in new Speed Dial item suggestions drawer (VB-18686) [li][Regression] Tab load indicator no longer shows (VB-19621) [li][Regression] Tab thumbnails do not appear (VB-19632) [li][Regression] Mouse gesture animation can cause excessive CPU (VB-19805) [li][Regression] [Notes] "Go to address" replaces links across all notes (VB-18934) [li][Regression] URL scheme is inherited from previous URL (VB-19788) [li]Renaming bookmark in bookmarks bar does not show new text put in. (VB-19334) [li]Tab loses focus (VB-18183) [li]Pressing the "delete all cookies" button should give a warning if no cookies are present (VB-9790) [li]Settings page is reloaded after changing UI zoom (VB-16306) [li]Cursor focus in new windows (not tabs) (VB-19716) [li]Double-click on Speed Dial buttons and folders unnecessarily opens "Add bookmark" dialog (VB-17406) [li]Autoupdate notification window forces topmost state (VB-14233)[/spoiler]


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