[Solved] - Vivaldi for ABC iView Live-Stream? // Clean Profile Rulz!

  • [color=#8800ff]Sadly new SS 1.3.537.5 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) has not helped at all for my capability to [b]continuously[/b] stream this; iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-live-stream/IV1512H001S00#playing . Every few minutes it simply stops, & requires me to re-click the "play" icon. As it's a [u]live[/u]-stream, not just a pre-recorded stream, these constant interruptions are untenable. Thus, each time i wish to live-stream this site [= daily] i continue to have to use [i]Slimjet[/i] [=flawless for it] rather than V [which i use for everything else]. Sad. Please might some kind Linux Deb V user test this link on their own installation & report back their experience? You'd have to be willing to let it run potentially for at least 30', or better 60'. On a good day mine might "stop" after 10', 15', 20', but on a bad day the interruptions can arise several times within a few minutes. I have [i]Ghostery[/i] & [i]uBlock Origin[/i] installed, but i've set both to white-list this site. [/color]

  • Trying the link 'iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-live-stream/IV1512H001S00#playing' coming up is this:


    Aah - the privileged Aussie πŸ˜‰ I could try the mentioned alternative but any result there wouldn't be very helpful in your case.

    The given link on the error message is not very promising:


  • Hi RJules3 – oh, curses!! Thanks muchly for trying, but how annoying that you were blocked. I'd forgotten all about that hassle, but i must say i was surprised. Even though i am physically in The Land Of Oz, IP-wise i'm all over the world [via AirVPN]. Typically i'm "in" various parts of USA, or Netherlands, or right now Singapore, but i can still access the ABC iView site. I'd completely forgotten this, but your reply now reminds me that some time back i couldn't access iView when on the VPN, but i whinged to AirVPN about it & they wove some magic at their end which fixed it.

    Are you able to access this other iView live-stream site pls? http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-news-24/NS1413V001S00#playing

    Assuming you can't, then i fear my chances of another V community member being able to test this for me are pretty low… i'd need a Linux V Deb x64 SS user, in Oz, reading these fora, interested enough to be willing to try this for me. I shan't hold my breath waiting.

    BTW, in case you might be tempted to mention it; i realise that the VPN itself might be a factor in causing those frequent stoppages, hence part of my testing has also included trying to live-stream with the VPN OFF... but it's still no good. Unless there's something basically bad in my specific setup [on 2 separate PCs], then i tentatively conclude this is a V problem, given as i mentioned originally that Slimjet does not misbehave this way.

  • POSTSCRIPT – Pls don't waste your time testing that second iView site [ABC News24]. It is MUCH more reliable than the original one i wrote about. It has been continuously streaming in V, in VPN, for ~3 hrs now for me. I sooooooo wish the original one [ABC1; ie, a [i]different channel] was also that reliable in V. Sigh.

  • You are very welcome Steffie! πŸ™‚

    With your additional link ( iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-news-24/NS1413V001S00#playing) I didn't get the chance to waste my time since the result is exactly the same:


    AirVPN I am not familiar with but I am hesitating to use remote servers since I remember very slow connections when trying to simulate a location in a foreign country.

  • FYI wrt my rocky road getting to a working VPN: https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/security-and-privacy/6831-vpn-linux-mint-x64-17-2-kde-openvpn-or-pptp?start=20#44624

    On the whole i've been happy with AirVPN, but there's no question that indeed it [& any VPN] often does give me a bit of a latency hit compared to just going straight through my ISP. However i willingly accept this as part of my personal protest against ASIO, GCHQ, NSA et al.


    For the past several weeks, spanning one or two further SS updates, my V has again been getting laggy for autoscroll, laggy to obey mouse clicks + wheel-scrolls, & giving dreadfully discontinuous iView live-streaming [per this thread].

    Last night i bit the tedious unpleasant bullet & spent many many hours AGAIN building my Vivaldi profile's Default directory anew [latest SS = 1.3.544.25 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)], after which ALL of V's iView laments above have GONE; OMZ!!! Natch also the mouse autoscroll & click/wheel lagginess are also gone. Furthermore, due to the "Ayespy Trick" of installing latest SS over, i still have my old desired Stacked Pinned Tabs. Oh yes!!

    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.

    PS - Probably nobody cares, but in case it might later help anyone else experiencing varied V SS problems, here's a paste of my personal summary notes.

    1. Ensure that one of my VM's V SS's contains the IDENTICAL current profile Default contents to my primary OS.
    [Later in this marathon procedure i will be sharing a KDE desktop half & half with said VM's V running "side by side" with my primary OS's V].

    2. Rename or move current profile's Default folder.
    [Protecting / preserving it for now is vital].

    3. Using my HDD-stored deb file [vivaldi-snapshot_1.0.233.3-1_amd64.deb], reinstall the old V SS
    [This is currently the last SS which provided the capability to Stack Pinned Tabs; a usability feature critical to my overall V enjoyment & functionality. As Ayespy had discovered, installing any later SS over the top of this one, preserves any of my previously-made stacked pinned tabs, albeit i cannot then create any more new ones (thus until V Devs fix this in a future SS, this "trick" is confined to those specific tabs whose status like this i wish to retain "permanently")].

    4. Launch V so it creates a new virgin Default folder, then close it again.

    5. From #2, COPY these 9 files into said virgin Default:

    • Bookmarks
    • Current Session
    • Current Tabs
    • Custom Dictionary.txt
    • Favicons
    • History
    • Last Session
    • Last Tabs
    • Notes

    6. Relaunch V. Verify that my bookmarks, notes, history are present & look ok, AND confirm that my restored Tabs DO include the desired Stacked Pinned Tabs. Close V again.

    7. Upgrade V from to the latest SS version, via repository as usual, then launch it. Repeat #6. Close V again.

    8. From #2's folder "Local Storage/", COPY these files into said virgin Default's equivalent:

    • chrome-extension_chphlpgkkbolifaimnlloiipkdnihall_0.localstorage
    • chrome-extension_edacconmaakjimmfgnblocblbcdcpbko_0.localstorage
    • chrome-extension_goficmpcgcnombioohjcgdhbaloknabb_0.localstorage
      [These hold my own data for extensions OneTab, Session Buddy, & Note Board, respectively].

    NB – I hadn't thought of this during this or previous rebuilds, but during my NEXT rebuild, also copy these other extensions' files [Vanilla Cookie Manager, Tidy Bookmarks], as they [should] hold my own data too, which would save some time by obviating the manual recreation of the data:

    • chrome-extension_gieohaicffldbmiilohhggbidhephnjj_0.localstorage
    • chrome-extension_bennikkpnelmfdiijpdclfincmnoabae_0.localstorage

    9. As consequence of deliberately NOT retaining my original Default's other content [suspected of containing the accumulated cross-version bugs & conflicts causing all the usability problem symptoms], it's now necessary to tediously manually do ALL these [with the VM's V AND primary OS's V, "side by side" per #1]:

    a. Reinstall ALL my Extensions. Due to having retained my original Local Storage folder's targeted files, relevant Extensions containing my actual data [eg, OneTab, SessionBuddy, NoteBoard] will be ok still, but all Extensions needing my custom settings need to be re-customised; eg.

    • Ghostery
    • uBlock Origin

    b. Recreate each relevant webpage's Login credentials, resaving into the new "Login Data" file when prompted.

    c. Replicate new V's Flags from VM's V.

    d. ALL Settings - not only but especially Themes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures. This is particularly where the "side by side" per #1 mode's benefit shines.

    e. Recreate all my Speed Dials' thumbnails [ie, into the new Top Sites folder], via F5. Though the preceding items are tedious, this one is onerous; there's over 500 of them, & it takes several HOURS to complete. Always leave this item til last, as can then go away & do other stuff [including go to bed].

  • Small Update – Still Good News!

    Since my several-hours time investment in building a clean profile [again], I have been watching lots of TV live-streaming at http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-live-stream/IV1512H001S00#playing . V has been performing magnificently here now.

    Furthermore, separate to this thread [maybe in one of the SS blogs?] i'd previously whinged that V would frequently stop streaming live Radio from http://doublej.net.au/playlist , & that i'd have to repeatedly reload that page then re-initiate the stream play. Since the clean profile that fault has also gone away, & hence V has been performing magnificently also here now.

    My message for anyone else experiencing strange stoppages, stutters & general weirdness in any video or audio site streaming, if your current SS is the cumulative total of lots of earlier SS progressive upgrades over time, is to strongly suspect that your profile likely now is corrupted / polluted by data conflicts from all the older versions of V & chromium. To return to pleasant V experience, bite the bullet & build a clean profile. If my personal experience [three times, now, over the past year] is extensible, then you will love V again after the pain of the hours lost to the rebuild.

  • Hi Steffie,
    Thank you very much for the detailed instructions on making a clean profile. I have kept the same profile through maybe a dozen version updates and V seems to be slowing down. I had blamed it on my old, tired netbook. You are clearly a far more patient person than I am (several hours??!!), but I may soon need to bite the bullet, as you say, and rebuild my profile.

  • Hiya wognath. Haha, me, patient? No i doubt it; rather i am massively stubborn & very anal retentive in that i tend to feel a strong sense of discomfort when things are not right, with then an equally strong impetus to "fix" things if i can. Having discovered many SS's ago just how magically transformative a clean profile is for V, i have subsequently done it a few times, but i hate how much time it steals. This last time [ie the one i documented] i had been deliberately deferring for as long as i could, as i just didn't want to lose all that time again, but eventually V's performance & misbehaviour [accumulating as each SS upgrade occurred] degraded to the point i just had to… bite that bullet again.

    I was thinking about this very issue the other day. My V now has only had one more SS upgrade since that latest profile rebuild, but already the deterioration is very obvious [the radio & iView streaming, & the mouse-wheel scrolling, are the usual tell-tales]. Inevitably the next SS will worsen it more, & the one after that more again, til eventually once more i'll not be able to tolerate it & the whole cycle will have to be repeated.

    In my notes, it's Step #9 which eats all the time; the preceding steps are quite fast & painless. But Step 9 is unavoidable; if i don't do it then the repaired V would not be "my" V, so what'd be the point? The issue is, somehow, to arrive at a V SS upgrade process that does NOT cause this degradation, so no profile rebuilding would be needed. Given i'm not a programmer i have no idea what causes it & thus how to avoid it. All i know as an intensive User is that this does happen with V, but it does not happen with [eg] Pale Moon or Slimjet. I have to hope that the Devs will be able to beat this one day soon.


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