How to suppress a website on web panel

  • Hello and apologies if I missed an obvious trick - I'm new to Vivaldi. My question is all in the title: I haven't found how to remove a website from the panel. The online help only explains how to add - not how to remove. In case that's relevant, I'm using the Mac "stable" version of the browser. Thanks for your help! Cyril

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    Right-click on the pane's icon. Remove Web Panel.

    Also useful if you just want to reorder the panels, copy the address, remove it, then add it again at the end until you have them in the desired order.

  • Indeed - Many thanks! Apparently my problem was more with the hardware (Macbook touchpad which seems quite oblivious to right-clicks, at least in Vivaldi). After insisting 10 times it did eventually right-click and worked fine 🙂

    So problem solved - and the panel option is a wonderful thing!

  • Thank you Cyril for asking your question here and Pesala for answering him. Since Pesala's reply is working for you, we'll close the topic for now. Feel free to start a new one if you have any more questions. Cheers! 🙂


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