Problems playing sample music on Beatport

  • Hi , I have just installed the latest version of Vivaldi browser ( 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) for the first time on mac os x version 10.9.5 . When I'm trying to play the sample music files from the it always gets interrupted at the beginning or if I manually forward the track. Can you please help me with this one or fix the issue. Thank you

  • What exactly do you mean by "interrupted"? Do you mean that it stops and that you have to resume playing? Or that it hangs for a bit and then continues to play? Or that the site gives you an error message? Also, how do you "manually forward the track"? By clicking on the wave pattern further into the track?

    On my MacBook Pro, the site seems to work as expected with Vivaldi, both with v1.2.490.43 and with a newer testing build. The only thing weird was that the fast forward / skip forward button would only restart the current track, but the same behavior was present in Chrome, so I am assuming it is a bug with the site itself.

  • It hangs a bit and then continue to play , and yes it happens when I manually click on the wave pattern . Thanks

  • Since that sounded like it could be a resources issue, I tried playing music from that page on my 2011 Mac Mini for 20 minutes or so. But even when I taxed the system move heavily (e.g., by compressing a large folder at the same time), playback was still smooth and skipping forward did not seem to trigger the issue either. The Mac Mini has 8GB or RAM and an SSD, but overall, it is not a very powerful computer by today's standards.

    Is anyone else able to reproduce the skipping issues that xdarius has described or has an idea, what the issue could be?

  • It cannot be a resource issue cause i have a Macbook pro early 2011 i7 with 16G ram and ssd drive inside , google chrome works , safari works only the vivaldi browser its not working .

  • I forgot to mention that Im playing the music trough a native instruments Traktor audio 10 sound card at 96000Hz .
    The problem is that google chrome is working , safari is working , only the Vivali browser is not working and I like this browser cause It handles multiple tabs better than the others till now and I don't wanna quit on this one , I know your history guys and Im a fan of old Opera from the beginnings. Thank you

    P.S. When Im playing through onboard sound card it works fine.

  • Thanks for digging further into the problem. It does sound like there is some kind of interference between that external USB sound card or yours (Native Instruments Traktor audio 10) and Vivaldi's playing of sound.

    Have you tried testing whether the issue is caused by the higher settings (e.g., 96kHz, etc) or whether it is always present when you use the external sound card? In other words, have you tried changing the settings of your external sound card to 44kHz, 2channel-32bit Float, which are the standard settings for the internal speakers (see /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI

    If I remember correctly, there have recently been some changes to the audio engine of Vivaldi. So what you could also do is to try if the issue is still present if you use the most recent developer snapshot, which you can download here.

  • I updated to latest 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit) and then I changed the audio midi settings .
    The 44.1khz its running fine and 48 khz but the 96 khz its still an issue.
    My problem is why I have no problem when Im running the 96khz on google chrome and on Vivaldi still an issue.


  • On Safari and Google Chrome on 96khz its running smoothly …


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