Is there already something like the "windows" tab panel ?

  • I'm still using Opera 12, and one of the greatest functions for me is the "windows" tab panel, the one that lists all the open tabs. The main function for me, is to be able to "quick-filter" all the tabs with a word, select all of them, and pressing DEL to close them all. An example: I open a google page to search for something, and then I middle-click on many results, opening many tabs and not closing the google one... then I open ANOTHER google page, and do the same as before, etc... at some point I may have a lot of google pages open, mixed with all the other tabs (that can be hundreds) So, I open the windows tab, quick-filter "google", select all those results and DEL... magically all the google pages are closed. In Vivaldi there is the F2 function to see a list of the opened tabs, but I can do nothing with that list, except selecting one of the results to go there... Is there something like this already ? hidden somewhere ?

  • Not in the official Vivaldi - however, there is a user written modification which seems to do what you want

    Disclaimer; I did not write it, nor have I used it. I simply saw the post on the forum 😊

  • Thanks, this is something, I don't like very much that it works in horizontal (I have the tab bar at the top), but better than nothing 🙂

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    When you click on Menu/Window you get a tab list, but it is not filterable. If you click on F2, you get a tab list which is filterable, and several other functions as well.

  • yeah, I've seen those, but you can't manage anything from there, just choose the one to activate…

    With the Opera 12 Windows panel I can do everything as I am using the tabs themselves.... I can also move one selection outside of the browser to open another opera windows with those tabs, and still I am able to select those tabs and put them back in the original window (without juggling with the windows themselves, but just using the panel from one window)...

    with Vivaldi I can do many of those things, like select more than one tab and choose actions for all of them at once, but using the bar at the top is not so convenient... and I don't like to put that bar on the side... a panel can disappear at will

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    More tab options and panel options will be coming down the pike.


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