Drawbacks of shortcuts in playing online game [Yet to be solved]

  • UPDATE: IT IS THE BACKSPACE, WHEN I TYPE BACKSPACE IT RETURNS TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE, but it doesn't happen in chrome. I should say shortcuts of Vivaldi is the most powerful feature provided, however, I found annoying while playing web games with shortcuts, I just can't figure out where's the problem keep on returning to the previous page In the game, right mouse : shooting WASD:move Q:switch   R:reload space bar:get weapon SHIFT/TAB:status of the game E :equip alternate weapon  ~/Esc:switch to default weapon number keys from 1 to 0:hot keys for weapons +/-:changes the visual quality M:truning on/off the music  P:screenshot of the game T : switch on/off the chat room sometimes, the game requires other keys such as G,H,C,V,B,N, for alternate uses and I would use [shift + ctrl ] to switch from different language input. Also, there is frequent use of left and right mouse for shooting , and also shift/ tab key to check enemy status. The problem is ,the website keep on going back to the previous page while I am playing, or just restart the screen, and there is no way for me to continue the game. Is there any shortcuts I could erase to tackle the problem? Or any features that interrupted or collapsed with the keys in the game? down here is the link of the game, in chinese, http://tw.gamelet.com/game.do?code=csArena you can try if you want to. Thank you .I appreciate any comments below.


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