Vivaldi is excellent

  • Microsoft Edge? Crap. Chrome? The Walmart of web browsers. Firefox? Doesn't know what it's doing. Opera? I can't get around it. I've tried them all. I was skeptical when I saw Vivaldi. I mean, who are these guys? I have had it on the PC for a week now and it is all I have ever wanted from a browser. I have customized it to exactly the interface I want and it is performing like a trooper. Is it perfect? No, but I give it my rating of 97%. I will never go back to the others.

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    I mean, who are these guys?

    In case you don't know yet:

    TechCrunch: (January 27th 2015):

    “The former CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, has released the Vivaldi Browser for fans of the old Opera. This initial release is a Technical Preview, i.e. it is neither feature complete, nor free from bugs that might spoil your day.

    It uses the Chromium rendering engine like the new Opera 38. It already has Panels, Tab-stacking, Notes, Speed Dial, and Customisable shortcuts and Tabs. Built-in email is planned, but mail is limited to web mail at the moment.”

  • Well, good on Jon! I love it!


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