Tabs: Close-Button unresponsive?

  • Hello, I just installed the latest Snapshot 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit) with Win 8.1 Now it happened to me that I wanted to close a tab, which I just opened by clicking a link. The close-button (X) was flickering and I could not close the newly opened tab until the web page has loaded completely (which took quite a while) Anyone else observing this behaviour? Lucius

  • it just happened to me again!
    A new tab was opened by clicking on a link,
    but now, I can not close this tab at all.
    When hovering with the mouse over the X it starts to flicker and I may click as often as I like, the tab does not close.
    Since I have a huge number of open tabs, maybe there is a limitation to 43 open tabs, and when exceeding this maximum number, the x-button becomes unresponsive?

    And it only seems to affect the last tab in the row. At least, the x-button seems to work with the other 43 tabs


    EDIT: now I am working on another computer, where I have 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) (32-bit) with Windows 8.1

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