Multiple tabs spawned for _blank

  • Discovered on my own company's website. Easiest way to reproduce: [ol] [li]Open[/li] [li]Scroll to very bottom of the page. Click the "Download Samples" link located under "Resources".[/li] [li]Notice how multiple tabs are spawned when only one should appear.[/li] [/ol]

  • Does not happen for me using Win 10 Pro (64bit):

    Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 (64-bit)
    Vivaldi 1.2.490.43 (32-bit)

  • Moderator

    Doesn't happen here. Win 10 X64, Vivaldi X32, both Stable and Snapshot.

  • Windows 10 Pro x64 (latest stable patch)
    Vivaldi 1.2.490.43 (64-bit) stable release

    Nothing happens, it seems fine.

  • Well that's disappointing. Not that I want others to suffer but it happens every time for me. I'm using 1.2.490.43 (32-bit) on Win10 but the problem has persisted across multiple updates.
    Unless folks have suggestions, I will (ever so slightly) suffer in silence.

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    Since other people don't have it, the behavior you experience could be caused by an extension(s) or a profile corruption.

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