How to best sync bookmarks across platforms?

  • I got a complex and extensive list of my bookmarks developed over several years. I access my bookmarks from different devices: currently using iPhone, my work laptop and at times iPad. With Chrome I was accessing the same set of bookmarks. If I added a new bookmark using my iPhone, I had shortly after had it available on my laptop. I like the sync to happened by itself. No need for me to sync. It works well with Chrome. How can I best set this up with my new favorite browser Vivaldi? I have tried a few extensions without getting what I want. Any suggestions?

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    It may be a while before we see sync — too much work and testing is required, not to mention investment in servers.

    Search for an extension while you're waiting for this.

  • I'm using Xmarks to sync my bookmarks between multiple browsers (Vivaldi, Opera, Firefox) and computers (Mac and Windows), which works pretty well.

    I used to have Xmarks also installed for Safari on one of my Macs, which allowed me to include my iPhone's native bookmarks in the sync chain, but at some point I realized that I prefer to not have my hundreds and hundreds of regular bookmarks on my iPhone.

    I've never used an iOS device with a Windows machine, so I don't know how syncing works there with the iPhone's native bookmarks in Safari. I would expect there to be a way to get that working with Xmarks, too, though.

    Alternatively, you could use Xmarks with a browser that has its own syncing engine and an iOS client. For example, Vivaldi as primary browser on your PC with Xmarks, Chrome on your PC with both Xmarks and Chrome's native syncing turned on, and then your iOS devices with Chrome and native syncing turned on.

    While syncing does seem to work reliably with Xmarks in Vivaldi, it does cause some weird issues in some areas of bookmark handling. For instance, the bookmark section of the Vivaldi preferences does no longer load, the flag shaped "Add Bookmark" button in the address bar no longer works, and when you add bookmarks by dragging them into the bookmark side panel, they often show up only after you have closed and reopened the panel.

    I originally thought that I had those issues because my Vivaldi profile got corrupted at some point, but thanks to a posting by Steffie, I realized that the changes that Xmarks makes to your bookmark file are the reason. As outlined in that post, the fix is pretty easy, if you want to stop using Xmarks and restore the regular bookmark functionality.

    So for now at least you have to choose between having sync but also quirky bookmark handling versus not having sync and all the bookmark functionality working as it should.

  • XMarks didn't work for me - it just removed all my bookmarks and put them in the trash bin!!

    I just installed eversync (which I used for a while between FF/Chrome) and this seems to work fine. You need to remember to create all your folders and bookmarks under the 'Toolbar' folder in your online account (free to set up) or they won't show (it's a Chrome thing) but what I have found is that with the eversync extension I can still use the the little 'bookmark' icon at the right of the address bar to add a bookmark via the built in bookmark tool and it doesn't seem to break any settings or functions….........yet............holds breath and waits

    I have tested adding a bookmark from the Vivaldi icon and folder selection method and can confirm it synchs with my online account - I have also created a bookmark in my online account and confirmed it synchs with Vivaldi so 2 way synch seems to be working

    I don't 'like' having to use an extension as I prefer everything to be native to the browser but I can understand the reasons for boomark/speed dial synch not being priority 1 at the Vivaldi development team, that's fine with me. I can use a workaround until they get it working natively. Am just happy to be able to have some kind of synch now as Vivaldi is by way the best browser out there!


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